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Be Thankful and Think Positive!

Posted on the 26 November 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
What a long weekend! Wasn't it grrreat? I seriously felt like it was a vacation that lasted months. I loved every minute of it. It always is a nice break to be able to just hang out with my husband, and our puppy.  - no work, no stresses, no due dates and best of all NO ALARMS! Woo Hoo! We had a blast this weekend, lots of turkey in our bellies, movies, sports,  shopping and we even took a trip to Wendover (a city on the border of Utah and Nevada) to gamble our lives away. It really did feel like we were off work for an entire month. 
Be Thankful and Think Positive!
Today was the first time I had heard my alarm go off in 4 days! I really should have woken up really grateful that I had all that time off, but I was such a grump. I wanted to stay home just for one more day. I wanted to cuddle my puppy all day long, and not even get out of my pajamas. 
After a really long struggle with my body to open my eyes, and get out of bed. I decided that even though I wasn't mad or angry that I needed to work on being a positive person. Jared is the most positive person I know, he never lets a bad thought about someone escape his mouth and he never comes home from work with a frown. He has bad days, but to him they aren't bad days they are learning experiences. They are opportunities for him to do better at work, and prove himself as a great employee. I really look up to him. 
This morning when I woke up, I was a big grump. I got ready for 30 minutes, and the whole time I was cursing the workday. Thinking about how great AFTER work was going to be. I need to be happy with everything that I do, whether that be puppy cuddles or working. I really believe it will keep enhancing my life to try my hardest to not gossip, to NOT curse Mondays, and to smile when I wake up.Be Thankful and Think Positive!
I hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING break! 
Any ideas on how to stay positive?

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