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Be You... Just Edited

Posted on the 27 April 2013 by Sameuniqueness
Be you... Just EditedSource of image: Wickedresters
Many relationship articles, books, movies, songs, you name it are always advising that at the end of the day you must be yourself and the person will love you the most that way. But let's be honest. You can never be full self 100% of the time with the person you love most and here is why.
You will hurt each others' feelings
Can you imagine talking to your significant other the way you talk with your best friend? Be honest with yourself here for those of you who are saying that you don't talk any differently to your love than you do your friends. With friends, one can say don't do that and your friend thanks you for looking out for them. You say don't do that (whatever that is) to a significant other and you will get accused of trying to be their parent. Sure, communication is key in all relationships. Just when it comes to love relationships, tact always overrules complete honesty.
You might scare them or weird them out
We all have things we love to do just because we love to do them. There is no reason for what that thing is; but we do it because it makes us feel good every time we do it. However, if your significant other caught you doing it, they would completely judge you and might even leave you. This is why it is so important to have you-time so you can do those things without the judgment.
Your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is human and will find fault in something about you
Even if you do decide to let it all out and show who you are, your significant other is not going to like/love every single thing about you. Therefore, they will make a request for you to stop (i.e. edit) yourself and stop doing whatever irritated/hurt/sadden/embarrassed, etc. them around them so your relationship can continue.
Most of us experience the third point all the time (especially in marriage) and we then have to limit who we are around our significant other. So sure it is always great to be yourself. But just know that the only one that will love you for all of you will be you.

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