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Bedroom Makeover

Posted on the 19 February 2014 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

When we bought our house back in 2011, we knew that we’d eventually have to do some painting. Isla’s room was the worst, followed by the spare bedroom, and then our laundry room (wallpaper nightmare). But our whole house, with the exception of Isla’s room, is the same beigey-brown throughout. Okay, so it was built as a spec. house and the developers probably got a sweet deal on brown paint, and it’s a neutral color to appeal to all potential buyers. BUT STILL. So much brown!

Kyle and I have been wanting to paint our master bedroom for a while now, but we’ve never had time to actually get it done. Since we’ve since found out that I’m pretty handy at painting, I finally decided we should go buy paint and I’ll make it a project to work on while Kyle’s at work. We knew we wanted to go green, but it took forever to choose a shade (I picked out swatches before Christmas). It was finally settled in a bet after Christmas between Kyle and I. (He won), and we went down to Home Depot and bought 2 cans of Behr paint in Spring Hill.  So, a couple weeks ago on a random Friday, Kyle and I got started, and this past Saturday, I got the room finished!

Here’s a before photo:

Before: Don't mind the sleeping dogs ;)

Don’t mind the sleeping dogs ;)

And here’s the after:


Taken almost at the same time of day as the before photo!

The green turned out to be a little “mintier” than we had hoped for, but we’re still loving the change from all the brown. There’s a few finishing touches I’d like to add, such as getting rid of that Ikea mirror and hanging a wooden framed one, hanging some kind of art above the bed and perhaps installing a floating shelf. And of course, actual furniture, which will happen whenever we decide to bite the bullet and  get new carpet.

Funny thing: The green on the ceiling is the same green as what’s on the walls, but because the brown on the ceiling was darker than what was on the walls, it looks darker. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t prime the space you want to paint first. I’ll definitely be buying the slightly more expensive “primer included” paint next time.

We still have to paint the closet and the ensuite, but still … SO happy that this project has been tackled :)

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