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Being Alone: Choice Or a Living?

Posted on the 01 August 2017 by Krtit99 @ineffablefeels9

Being alone: Choice or a living?

Sitting in midst of this arena, I watch people.
Some are alone, walking.
Alone doesn’t mean they need someone,
they are simply comfortable in their own skin.

I see a girl with this fashion aura, trying to glance, over the perfect pair of heels.
Little did she realize she is already taller than average.

Being alone is really not that bad after all. We don’t ask for comfort, we don’t ask for empathy.
We can provide all that to ourselves.
Sometimes, we just want to understand things a little too well, a bit clearly, which ‘being alone’ gives us.
Sometimes, we want to stay still, and breathe deeper, just to appreciate our surroundings a little better.

Waking up early, getting ready for work, coming home late, over time it sucks the enthusiasm from us, and then we wish to just sit down and have a nice cup of coffee.
Yes, you may feel like crying in some corner of all the wrong things happened to you lately, but then you will also realize about the things which were keeping you altogether strong and bold.

That’s the thing about being alone, it makes you sob for sometime but tells you about the deepest link to your happiness.

-Kriti Singhal

Being alone: Choice or a living?

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