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Believe in 'me'mento !

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Ankuranand
Nothing heightens the pleasure senses like ‘Memorable Memories’ and when Anitatagged me for My most memorable memento contest, I was flabbergasted because I had to choose one memento from the smallest of things that triggers my transportation to some places so strange and so beautiful that they leave me speechless. Memories are a gorgeous things. The small pieces of our past, are always safe in our memories and tonight I have to open this box of chocolates to find out which of keepsake tastes more honeyed tonight.I looked in my closet and the 14 billion neurons firing at a speed of 450 miles per hour in my brain started searching for the keepsake that matters the most. Interplay of opposite how beautiful, isn’t it?  The events in our lives happens in sequence in time. However, in their significance to ourselves, they find their own order, almost like a continuous thread of revelation. I look back at some of the things and go, I realized “In prospect or in contemplation” preciosity of keepsake has got nothing to do with dime gauge; rather the amount of earnest happiness it brings to me and way it has touched my life.

While pedestaling and pondering over things like Air India Rank and Bolt Awards trophy which I got in 2008 from then governor of Jharkhand Mr. Syed Sibtey Razi (yes it close to my heart because this was the first award I got on state level also got the experience of getting grilled that too by the high court and supreme court judges during the interview in one of the round)

                                      Believe in 'me'mento !                                Believe in 'me'mento !
Or the trophy that I got in 2012 for the best student volunteer of the 99th Indian science Congress among the others 1500 student volunteers that too from Mr. Ruskin bond. 99th science congress was such a learning curve both on professional and personal note, when you got to meet people like incumbent Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, Nirupama Rao, former president Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam , people and scientist from over the globe and 20 Nobel laureates (and also interacted with 4 them personally). It’s still the grandest affair of my life.

Believe in 'me'mento !Believe in 'me'mento !
Or other stuff like newspaper cuttings whenever my name was published (I still have no idea why my mother cut out those article and keeps it after getting it laminated), watches, cards etc, I finally narrowed down my choice to this beautiful Notebook which was given to me as a gift because this has completely transformed me and refilled my life with the self-believe in me.
Believe in 'me'mento !
It’s has its own story subtle yet omnipresent. Family members always supports you and encourages you, but there are hardly few other people around who do the same, and when back in 2011 I started to write, I was mocked and people used to laugh at the things I used to write . The first poem I wrote was i-just-want-to-be-phoenix-birdand some people started to call me phoenix bird just to make fun, expect one friend who always encouraged me with the words at the same time while being honest. While the former was hurtful yes I will accept that, but I continued to write. But as you know things turn out differently. I too started to believe that I writes a naught (irony is that even now I believe it but now just a better naught) and was giving up. I didn’t wrote much in 2012 except 6 or 7 post that too out of frustration, when suddenly this always encouraging friend of mine gave me this notepad which has note addressed to “The Writer”. I was awesome struck because I’m not that qualified to have that tag, but one thing that tag did was; it reignited the spark within me to not just write but to try harder to write something that will do justification to that tag (hopefully one day i will). You matters as much as the things that matters to you, so I took a break started reading a lot and again stated blogging seriously from March 2013, with only one thing in mind even if I writes a naught I will make sure that my naught captures the essence of readers mind and heart. I have no idea how successful I have become in doing so but what I know is, that one believe shown in me have transformed not only me Tangled Vibes too. It reached 82000 pageviews from 12000 pageviews within the span of one year. Some post which I writes under category Dairysomehow brings the best out of me and in terms of pageviews too. Last one titled valentine day postcard and before that titled you and i collidewas such that it was viewed more than 1500 times in a single day.
Believe in 'me'mento !
Concluding is not something that I do, as far as the river flow, but as far this keepsake things goes this notebook will always be the keepsake that will matter to me the most. Even the smallest things can change the course of future how true it became for me, I’m sure you too have one for yourself because now whenever someone addresses me a Phoenix bird I just smile at them from the bottom of my heart because I know not literally but case was somewhat similar when comes to writing.

**********************************************************************P.S – For all of you who always reads my blog no matters how badly I write, Thank you J**********************************************************************

"This post is my entry for the ‘My Most Memorable Memento’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary travel blog and Indian Coupons."

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