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Beyond The Rack: Something To Be Thankful For…That You Will Remember To Give Thanks For!

Posted on the 04 December 2012 by Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Kelly who had not thought to Thank God as much as she should. Then one day she opened her browser and found an email that took her to a website.

Kelly Has Been Thanking God Ever Since.

Truthful Day Dream…..

Some Chick: “Kelly, Where did you get that coat, what brand is it?”

Me: It’s Bebe. $70.

SC: “No way! Was It On Sale? How Did You Get It?”

Me: “Because I am not a dumb ass or a rich one. Go to and you can look like a bad bitch too. I am not in debt and like nice shit too.”

(girl goes to department store and spends $300 dollars in same coat in black last season. I don’t care about, “seasons minus it being cold or hot but makes sure your shit is season dated by birth like a child being born in late Spring).

Me: Thinking Silently: “More for me bitches…..”-Kelly

Beyond The Rack is the owner of this image.

Original hot pink Sean John Jacket; Est. Average Retail (this season) $189.00 (w/tax + shipping) My price 26.00 w/tax and shipping. *Estimated and not binding.

November – December – 2 Winters Jackets -
November: Kelly Crazy Style Light Wear – Under $30 Retail Est. $200.00 
December: Designer, Beautiful Heavy Coat- Under $80 Retail Est. $300.00
$110 Dollars and no coupons needed. Ahhh……..

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