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Big Brown Eyes

Posted on the 21 August 2012 by Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui

Big Brown Eyes
Years ago, I knew a girl with the perfect fringe, set on her big brown eyes. Her hair was the same shade as her big button eyes, but appeared illuminated under the light of the sun. And her smile curved like a rainbow upside down. Come summers, we'd find endless sunny afternoons to talk hours under the big tree next to our home. She loved talking, and in all that I loved the sweet sound of her echoing laughter. So happy. I'd always think to myself how she could make sense out of the little, miniscule things in life. The stuff that does not matter. One day, those deep brown eyes, spoke to me of two basic emotions. I think the little soul had seen quite enough for the day. The wrinkles around her eyes arched downwards. So she said,
''When you’re happy, the world is happy. When you’re happy, everyone sings to your tune. When you’re happy, everything is easy and simple. When you’re happy, noise sounds like music. When you’re happy, sleep comes with no trouble. When you’re happy, anger is a memory. When you’re happy, enemies don’t matter. When you’re happy, God seems close but you don’t miss Him. When you’re happy, you don’t need a reason to smile. When you’re happy, you don’t need money. When you’re happy, your teacher seems evil. When you’re happy, you forget your troubles. When you’re happy because of love, compromises are trivial.
When you’re sad, the world is bitter. When you’re sad, there is only silence in a crowded place. When you’re sad, everything seems so difficult and unbearable. When you’re sad, a pin drop pierces through your ears. When you’re sad, sleep is a nightmare. When you’re sad, you’re restless. When you’re sad, you hate everyone. When you’re sad, God is all you remember. When you’re sad, laughter needs effort. When you’re sad, money can’t buy you happiness. When you’re sad, work becomes dedication. When you’re sad, there is no end to your worries. When you’re sad, you’d sacrifice anything in your might to be happy.''
Big brown eyes was never the same again. I never saw her after that summer.

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