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Birthday Prep....2 Weeks to Go!

Posted on the 10 March 2014 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
OMG! I can't believe Tyne's birthday is just 2 weeks away now!I felt like I was doing well and had most things under control...now I'm not so sure!
As discussed last time, I have some of his party decorations, his invitations, and his birthday cake things all sorted.
So what's new since then?
Well this week I FINALLY got around to giving out invitations!
I'm hoping people will be able to make it, but I know that at least my parents and Tyne's aunty & 3 cousins are definitely going!
We've also invited 5 other children that Tyne knows locally, 2 of my friends, and Tyne's cousins Grandmother as he sees quite a lot of her.
It's a shame that we live so far away from the rest of my family as it makes me sad that Tyne won't get to celebrate his birthday with them :(
So...what else has been done?!
Birthday Presents

Of course, our mind has mainly been filled with birthday gift ideas lately and I'm pleased to say that we were rather organised and have had most of Tyne's birthday gifts all ready and waiting since early January!
We have picked up one or two additions recently, but we are now all finished and just need to get wrapping!
His "Main" gift from us is the Little Tikes 3-in-1 Trike
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
I really can't wait to see what he makes of this! I so wanted to give it to him early when we've been for days out at the seaside as I think he'll just love being pushed around in it for a change from his pram, but I've managed to resist! (After giving him the rocking horse AND the Vtech Sleepytime bear that were supposed to be a birthday gifts about 8 weeks ago! Whoops!)
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!He also has this Worlds Apart Ball Pit filled with balls all ready to greet him in the living room on his birthday morning!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
He will also be greeted by this FAB Foldable Rocket Playtent from www.sciencemuseumshop.co.uk/
I think he'll just love having his own little hideout place, I plan on putting his books and some cushions in here so he can have a little private den! 
I think the rocket design is so cute, and it was SO easy to assemble - it folds away to just 30x30cm too making it really easy to store!
Available HERE for the bargain price of £25.00 (*Recommended from 3 years +)
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
As well as his "Main" presents, we also wanted to give Tyne a selection of smaller gifts...and I knew I wanted cars and a garage to be among them as he loves playing with the toy cars he got at Christmas!
We chose the Fisher-Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage as I think he'll enjoy sending the cars down the ramp!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
Another firm favorite from Tyne's Christmas toys was his Mega Bloks, so I wanted to buy him some more to add to it - I fell in love with the little Knight & Dragon figures in this set as soon as I saw it!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
This "Very Hungry Caterpillar" puzzle is super cute, and I know Tyne will really enjoy it - he currently only has one puzzle but its one of his favorite things to play with! 
This wooden peg puzzle is really high quality and the illustration is gorgeous
Available from Rainbow Designs
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!The Dancing Winnie The Pooh from Tomy is perfect for Tyne as he dances along with the children and sings cute little songs! Tyne will be so amused by this!
Of course I also bought Tyne a couple of story books to add to his ever growing collection....I plan to buy him books for every gift-giving occasion! This time around, I chose:
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
The Gruffalo - he already has the board book touch & feel version but that doesn't contain the actual story, so I wanted him to have the proper one! Mostly because I want it!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
And, to accompany the jigsaw puzzle, of course I had to buy the classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Thank You Cards
Well, the Thank You cards are all ready and waiting to go courtesy of the fabulous Paper Shaker!
Their website is so easy to use - you simply select the category you're looking for and edit until you are happy with the design.
I started with a Baby Boy card template and edited it until I was satisfied that it looked like a nice Thank You Card - it took me no longer than 3 or 4 minutes to upload my chosen photograph and complete the process, and the cards arrived just a few days later.
The service was exceptional, and I will certainly use Paper Shaker again for future personalised cards and invitations.
To check them out, please go to www.paper-shaker.com
This week also saw the arrival of our Party Guest - Peppa Pig!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
I bought this costume a few years ago when I was running a children's party business, as we would regularly host Peppa Pig parties and do appearances...so when I started planning Tyne's party I knew we just had to have Peppa there!
The costume had been in storage at my parents house, but they brought it for us when they came to visit last week so Peppa is now here - just waiting for the party!
I have also ordered this fabulous "1" pinata from Party Pieces...
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
For the rest of the entertainment, we'll be decorating teddy bear shaped biscuits....Playing Pass The Parcel....and Having a mini disco (basically playing some pop music with some disco lights on!) with a bubble machine!

Tyne's outfit for his party arrived last week....I'm really pleased with it as I thought I would struggle to find exactly what I wanted since my style/taste can be quite difficult to satisfy!
I personally find high street boys clothing all very samey, and I think a birthday outfit - especially your FIRST birthday - should be special!
It annoys me that girls get beautiful frilly dresses to wear for their special days, but boys are still left in the usual trousers or jeans and a shirt - I wanted something very "stand out" - something different to what he wears on just any old day!
Luckily for me, I discovered ChicoLico Kidswear Boutique who specialise in Spanishwear which I have always just LOVED for babies - their clothing is so beautiful and has such lovely detailing!
I picked out this beautiful baby blue romper/shorts set which was £25.00
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
Now I just need to get some baby blue shoes to go with it!
I have also ordered an "outfit" for his Cake Smash which we'll be doing in the morning, before his party!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
This was £17.00 and I have ordered it from Cake Smash Props on Facebook so I'm looking forward to it arriving soon!
Of course, both of these outfits are things he can't really wear for the rest of the day - his outfit will be reserved purely for his party and the cake smash outfit will be well and truly destroyed after the cake smash photos I'm sure - so I needed a more casual but still celebratory outfit too!
Luckily for me, Blade & Rose stepped in by sending us a pair of their GORGEOUS Birthday leggings to try out!
Birthday Prep....2 weeks to go!
The leggings are quite simply stunning quality, and a perfect fit! 
They will make the perfect comfortable outfit for Tyne for the duration of his birthday without compromising on style for the many photos we'll be snapping throughout the day!
Blade & Rose stock these leggings in pink too, and cater for ages 1, 2 and 3 as well as offering other non-birthday related designs.
I think these are a great buy for just £10.00!
Available from Blade and Rose HERE
What's Left To Do?
*Buy an outfit for myself to wear!*Buy a white sheet for a backdrop for the cake smash pics*Buy a cake to use for the cake smash*Order Tyne's birthday card*Buy party bag fillers*Buy prizes for party games*Buy biscuit ingredients and decorations*Buy wrapping paper*Make sure we have batteries for the camera!*Sort out party music*Sort out party food*Buy filler for Pinata*Print out photos to make 12 month banner
So that's it! My to do list isn't looking TOO bad I guess....eeeek not long to go!
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