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Blog Life VS Real Life

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I have actually been really excited to do this link-up. I am glad that I was reminded about it, because I read the post last week but may have also completely forgot about it, until 3 minutes ago, when Punky told me to check out Emily’s blog. So here I am, not sleeping at 3 am, but instead writing a post about my blog friends. Can I tell a story real fast? Thanks. My IRL friend (sometimes I feel sad that I have to state when my friends are real or cyber), anyway my IRL friend Ellen and I were talking about how we never have been they type that has many girl friends. She and I have been friends since we were like in 5th grade, right? But we’ve never had a big group of girl friends, like many girls do. It was usually just us 2, and then every now and again some others would join and fall away. So she was telling me she made some new girl friends and she wanted us all to hang out. I was immediately jealous that she has started to find more girl friends. She replied with, well you have all your blog friends! In my head I probably cried a little bit, because it’s true. Blogging definitely opens up really wonderful lines of communications and blossoming friendships.
Do you have any real life blog friends?Only recently! I have a lot of friends who try and start blogs, and then they post like once a year or they post 3 times and forget about the blog. So I was really excited when Kjerstin made a blog and then started to get passionate about it. She and I have been friends since we were in 5th grade. She moved in down the street from me, and we clicked. We stayed friends all growing up, and then she moved away for college. It was a hard adjustment to no longer have her a 2 minute walk away. We never lost touch, but it was harder to stay in touch. It took a lot more effort. It’s fun to have her in blogging land, because now we are talking daily indirectly through our blogs. Plus we text each other about fun giveaways or when we need help with a blog question. It’s really awesome to share a passion with an IRL friend. Love you Kjerst!317850_10150343395077010_967853234_n-2012-06-14-02-56.jpeg
Which bloggers are you just dying to meet?There is a list. I feel like if I go in too much depth in this question it may ruin some other questions. Every single blogger that I am about to list below are bloggers that I am dying to meet. I sometimes with there was like a fun bus, where I could just hop on and over the next few weeks hit up all my favorite bloggers home towns. We could go out on the town and make fools of ourselves. Why can’t our entire lives revolve around blogging?!
Which bloggers closet are you dying to raid?Anica. Seriously. She has this perfect style, she can match vintage with modern and everything in between. She does these fashion posts, where she makes her own outfits using some program I assume. I am so impressed every time. It’s not just like hey this is what’s on my pinterest board, it’s like HEY this is me, and I’m freaking awesome, and I should be a luxury brand consultant (he he bachelorette joke). I’ve told Anica this before, but she definitely needs to move to New York and make millions of dollars with her own clothing line. Now that I say that, I don’t think that I’ve told her that before. Also she linked up with me yesterday with the “what’s in your closet?” and it testifies to what I’ve been preaching. Feel free to check out her video, and see what I mean.
You are stuck on an island, which bloggers are there to help you survive?I imagine that Emily, Kayla and I would have been on a cruise together. Our boat hits a ginormous piece of coral and smashes the boat to pieces. Luckily the 3 of us made it to this gorgeous island that has no civilization. Everyone else on the ship didn’t make it. Horrible tragedy. So anyway, Kayla is there because she said she can fish and we are definitely going to need food to survive. Plus she’s really positive, so when Emily and I are deciding which one of us is going to have the be eaten first, then Kayla would be the problem solver. I just get that vibe from her. Plus she’s got the will to live, because she has a puppy waiting of her at home. Emily also has the will to live, because she has a cat at home. Emily is going to be a resource because she has traveled lots. Lived in quite a few places, and I think that means she will know how to live outside her comfort zone. I will contribute, by gathering wood. I am so good at that. Then we could have fires. I am also a superb cuddler. Which means at night I will keep you both warm. I call middle! (This is also why Dusty is not coming on my island to help me survive)ScreenShot2012-06-14at3.54.18AM-2012-06-14-02-56.png
The first blogger you remember meeting and connection with?This is kind of a hard one for me. I usually only really follow closely with the blogs, that I feel a connection to the writer. I assume everyone does that, so I could put every blog in my reader in this category. But to narrow it down let me say that TJ is the first “known” blogger that took an interest in my little blog when I only had about 30 followers, she was the first blogger that introduced me to the blogging community. After using her as my guide, I started to understand blogging and get more of a grasp on things. So when she kept reading along, then I felt like I had blog worth reading!
Any bloggers you admire and look up to?I really admire Lindsey. I think that she has a great blog balance. It seems like her sots are very versatile and I enjoy reading them. I also think the more I learn about her the more I would really like to pick her brain apart. She’s a very intriguing writer.
Who is the craziest or funniest blogger?Dusty. No matter what Dusty posts, I promise it will make me laugh uncontrollably. She has such a way with words like “hot snot” “rooster bitch” and i think the first time I knew I was going to love her, was her post about hemorrhoids. I was at work, and was kind of off task reading some blogs. I started to read that post, and was making the most awkward noises trying to hold in the laughs that wanted to belt out of my body from her writing. She is one of those writers, who could write about nothing. Like seriously she could write about something as boring as being stuck in traffic, and you’d be glued to your screen wanting her to write more and more.
There is a reality TV show for bloggers, who do you want to be casted with?PUNKY! I was saving this one for you my sweet love. Instead of ‘JWOWW and SNOOKI best friends forever’ it would be “PUNKY and MIKI long lost devil embryo’s that are now best friends forever’. We can work on the title, but I am pretty sure the show would be a hit. It would consist of us wearing outrageous clothing, because we both have things like your bumble bee shirt and my bulldog shirt. Then we’d get all hopped up on Capri-Suns and Gushers, go out to bars dance like hooligans. I really think that we should look into this idea. Just to be clear though, Punky and I are seriously matching embryos that got separated in heaven (or hell). I am still working on a theory where babies come from hell. We will talk about this later. I almost died of Vertigo, and Punky was dizzy that week. I mean hello, and if that’s not enough for you. We have the SAME bedding set! Bought at two Bed, Bath and Beyond’s miles and miles and MILES apart. Anyway, it would be a really great reality TV show. Also I love Punky because this texting convo is at 3:51 AM.. girl after my own heart.photo-2012-06-14-02-56.PNG
A blogger you would like to swap careers with?Yes. Kathryn gave up the whole corporate America life and her and her husband started a farm! Seriously, like the sell eggs. I think I might die from all the manual labor that comes along with being a farmer, but mostly I could put up with it because she gets to hang out with animals all day long. All DAY! She gets to kiss pigs. What a dream come true.Photo%25252Bon%25252B2010-07-01%25252Bat%25252B10.44%25252B2-2012-06-14-02-56.jpg
Favorite blog design?Kristin at confessins of a GDS, when I started to re-design my own blog a few weeks ago , I had a whole pinboard full of blog designs that I liked to use for inspiration. When I opened photoshop and got down to it, I kept coming back to Kristin’s site. I really think her site is full of great fonts, color schemes, and all over very visually appealing. She is a graphic design student and I think she picked the degree :) header-2012-06-14-02-56.jpeg
BAM! If I left you out, it was only because the exact right questions wasn't asked, and it's neither of our faults. A good link-up ladies, props to you! Join the fun!The Magnolia Pair

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