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…Bloody Kids

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Morander @notreadbooks

Making me wake up every hour to settle you when just the other day you had me convinced that you were sleeping through… bloody kids

Running off from me in the supermarket and making me do the dad-trying-to-be-casual-but-really-sprinting thing to catch up with you and then, when I catch you and am about to tell you off, you cackle with joy… bloody kids

Teddy bear wearing socks

The $10 Teddy

Having at least 300 different stuffed toys but still insisting on bringing the dodgy $10 bear your auntie bought you from a service station the day you were born every-bloody-where… bloody kids

Screaming in bed like someones cut your leg off, causing me to rush in to your aid only to have you looking up at me and giggling… bloody kids

Insisting (to the point of complete emotional breakdown) that you don’t need to wee then, once I’ve finally got you buckled into the car seat and driven off… “Daddy, I need to do a weeee!”…  bloody kids

The fact I drive a station wagon from a company that shares its country of origin with a certain flat packed furniture company and said vehicle’s boot it entirely full of scooters, prams, change bags and near petrified rice rusks… bloody kids

The look of fear in your eye when they put the oxygen mask on you at the hospital on the weekend… bloody kids

The panic you were obviously feeling when they wheeled us both into intensive care… and the way you clung onto me.. bloody kids

Child sleeping in hospital

Finally asleep – with the bloody $10 Teddy

The feeling that came over me, 12 hours later when you finally collapsed into sleep, laying on my chest still breathing like a trapped rabbit when I looked down and saw your blood on my arm from where they had hurriedly put the cannula in… bloody kids

The way I now really get that there is so much more in this life than me… and that what I want doesn’t really matter for now… and that I actually don’t mind this… bloody kids

oh, and also… taking one bite from an apple and saying your full, watching In The night Garden religiously but playing with your Iggle Piggle doll once – ever, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, my zombie wife, my lack of exercise… bloody kids.

Love you both

What’s your bloody kids sentence?

…Bloody Kids

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