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Boracay Island Checklist | White-sand Beach | One of the Best Islands in the World

Posted on the 30 April 2020 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
It's so ironic to having visited other countries like Korea, Japan, and some parts of the United States like Las Vegas and New York without even stepping on some of our own pride areas here in the Philippines. Well, its now time to do that. Let's discover more of what this world-famous island has to offer.

Michael at Boracay

Island life

Hmmmm..  I'm not really a "beach person" as we label some people like that (maybe I am more of a mountain person, I don't know) but with this experience, I discovered staring at the night sky beside a beach is priceless. With just the sound of the waves, I caught myself looking blankly at the dark horizon and enjoying the moment. I think I enjoyed the calmness and to think that it happened on this world-famous island is just amazing. Well, if you want to know more then read along.. And congrats on reading the first one in our checklist.
2. Feel how fine the white-sand here

white sand Boracay

Addicted to its texture

The feeling is oh-so-fine! It's like stepping on a mega soft rubber which massages your feet as you go along. Our family has visited a number of beaches at Batangas province but the sand here is just different, it's more fine and looks neat. You can tell it by the way the water slides through them, the texture is just perfect.
3. Be stunned with how the horizon color changes from sandy white to deep blue

gradient blue horizon in Boracay

gradient blue horizon

The moment my eyes landed on the beach, I was literally amazed by its color. I  have never seen anything like it before (aside from the computer) where you see the color slowly gradient from light to dark in perfect levels. I am pertaining to the color of the sand which is white while it slowly turns light blue as it mixes with the water, then turns blue as the depth of the water goes deeper,  and then dark blue onwards..  I know this picture above can give you an idea but seeing it in person is just in a different level of appreciating nature. Galing talaga ni Lord.
4. Experience parasailing in sunset

parasailing at Boracay Island

The picture says it all. Woooooohooooo!

This was an impulsive decision that we did while strolling along the beach that made our stay here a bit interesting. I will never see parasailing the same way I thought how easy it would be (haha!), it's really different when you actually try it. I suggest you guys riding it around the afternoon before they close because we were the last in line that time and we were gifted a sunset view that made the whole experience exponentially enjoyable. Image, cruising peacefully high up there with the beautiful islands around you while the sun is setting.. picturesque..
5. Enjoy the G-max ride (reverse bungee ride)

G-max Boracay (reverse bungee ride)

let's do this!! wait, will we?

We did this and the whole experience is posted on this article (with the full video ride). To be honest, the most critical part of planning to do this is while you wait in line and watch how it catapults again and again especially hearing how loud the riders scream the whole time, It just makes you want to back out on the last minute. Thankfully, we were brave enough not to (naks!). Again, if you want to know more about this item, a separate post is available here.
6. Level up those boat rides

Boracay boat rides

cue Surivior music *

I already mentioned this way back our Palawan post but I will repeat it again here. Maximize those boat rides (if possible) by sitting on the tip of the boat because of its simply more fun. #survivorfeels
It may sound crazy but you'll thank me later when you get the chance to do it. If the tip is not workable then try the boat flaps/wings, this is actually a better option (just be careful in doing so).
7. Wake up and relish the early mornings

waking up at Boracay island


If the first item in our checklist is about how beautiful the night is on this island, well, wait until you experience waking up on the morning after. Sip that first cup of coffee, stroll along those windy shorelines, or just simply lie down to that beachside while hearing those birds chirping and waves crashing to start your another beautiful day. #thenrepeat

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