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Bringing Memories To Life With Printiki

Posted on the 03 October 2017 by Violetdaffodils
Bringing Memories To Life With Printiki
Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
At the start of the year I mentioned to you all my goals for 2017, one of which was to print off photographs as I was wanting to get back into the habit of doing so. So when Printiki kindly got in touch with me to review their products and service I naturally jumped at the chance to collaborate with a highly recommended brand and service.
Printiki are a photo printing service that allows you to print beautiful quality prints directly from either your phone, tablet or desktop. You can also choose pictures directly from your Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as your camera roll. Printed in the UK, they ship worldwide and use real photo paper either by Kodak or Fuji to produce amazing quality prints of your favorite photographs with a fast delivery service.Bringing Memories To Life With PrintikiOne of the features I particularly like is the creator page which is really easy to navigate and offers a variety of both printing and sizing options for the prints you want to produce. They have the retro prints, which add a border around your images which reminds me of the polaroid style and allows you to write underneath the image any captions if you wish to, as well as the standard prints that feature a thin border or ones without the border, photo books which is something I'd definitely be considering in future to document all my photographs from visits to Disney World, as well as posters too which is a feature I've never came across before in other printing places before and I think is a great concept for gift ideas for friends and family and special occasions. The sizing options for the prints are: 4x4, 5x5, 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 so there's a great mix of styles for you to choose from. The beauty of having a big selection of options brings forth many creative opportunities for DIYs and decorative ideas with the prints, whether that is scrapbooking, hanging a string of them up across your bed or pinned your wall as a beautiful collage and many more. Printiki's twitter and instagram accounts are always sharing creative ways to display your images. Bringing Memories To Life With PrintikiAs I normally go for 6x4 prints, I thought I'd change things up for this review and choose 30 of the square M 4x4 prints option as someone who loves using Instagram anyway I thought it would be interesting to see how they look once brought to life as a physical copy. It is a big deal breaker for me to have a place that can print Instagram size prints as I have so many images on there that I've edited and posted that I've been wishing to print off for the longest time so was really excited to see the end result.Bringing Memories To Life With PrintikiTrue to their word, the prints arrived extremely quickly and I was incredibly impressed with how amazing the quality of the prints were and how vibrant my images looked once brought to life. I was blown away by the result and I would definitely recommend the service to anyone. A very happy customer indeed! Thanks again to Printiki for the fantastic opportunity to try out their brand.As a treat to you all, use my code: 7F54CWXZ at the checkout and get FREE shipping at checkout on your prints! ;)
As always, thank you for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you have tried Printiki before let me know your thoughts too :)

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