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Brow Wiz {Review}

Posted on the 28 January 2013 by Wifessionals @wifessionals
Brow Wiz {Review}
Have you ever DESTROYED your eyebrows?

I have - many a time.
I finally grew my eyebrows back in, about 3 years ago, and vowed I would never go "pencil thin" again.

When I lived in Nashville, I discovered the ONE place I would trust to touch my furry face friends.
They gave me the most amazing brows for my wedding day and I could never say enough great things about them.

The only sad thing was that I moved and so I thought I had to leave my perfect brows in the past.

Then I discovered that you can purchase all the tools you need to get their perfect eyebrows online!
Enter: Brow Wiz.

I think a lot of women neglect their eyebrows because they think that they aren't that big of a deal. That is such a mistake! Shaping and shading your eyebrows can make your look appear so much more put together and polished!

Brow Wiz {Review}

Now it may be kind of hard to tell (thank you Instagram selfies) but on the left I did NOTHING to my brows and the right shows them after using the Brow Wiz.

Don't stare at eyebrows too long otherwise they look scary and stand out. But I know that taking care of your little caterpillars can make a huge difference.

Scared of tweezing or waxing free hand?
Then you have to check out the Anastasia stencils.
These are a life saver and are what they use if you go in to get your brows done by them.

Brow Wiz {Review}

Thanks Anastasia for giving me the perfect "wedding day" brows and for showing me that I can re-create this look on my own at home!

Here are all the great features about the Brow Wiz.

Brow Wiz {Review}

Above are the colors they offer.
I have Brunette.
Brow Wiz {Review}
I know you'll love all the Anastasia products as much as I do!!!

"Change can change your life. You'll never know unless you embrace it."
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