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Brushing Teeth For Kids - Dental Hygiene - How to Make a Teeth Model Or Denture at Home

Posted on the 06 December 2022 by Amitagulia

 Continuing with our homeschooling projects, in this post, I am sharing about Oral Hygiene and importance of brushing.

Encourage and help children to create a model or denture of teeth. Only the lower jaw should be enough.

Once the model is set, try to add a few sample cavities and food items model.

Just have a general discussion with the children around teeth, cavities, reason for cavities, ways of preventing them, how to brush etc.

Children are sure going to enjoy the activity and learn better as they visualize the details.

Here is our video for the activity.

We created the model of teeth with Legos at home (we did not have a pink one for mouth, so we used some water colors for it as that could be washed off later). Below are other items that can be used for making the model:


Small paper cups


Used bottle caps

Corn kernels

The beauty of learning which is lead by children themselves is that it stays with them longer and they grasp more than we teach them via textbooks and lectures.

Do let us know if you try this at home. Also, it would be awesome to get any new ideas for the model – that would be beneficial for others also.

Thanks for reading and happy learning.

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