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Buzz and Excitement...

Posted on the 17 March 2018 by Ravenswingthog @ravenswingthog
Do you want some BUZZ?
Are you awaiting EXCITEMENT?!?
There's something coming on this blog, in the near future.
Something new!
It'll be great, I promise. Or not - maybe.
But anyway, look out for it, next weekend.
In fact, there's a (tiny) chance for you to be involved in some way. In the comments, tell me something. It could be a name, an event, a character you like, an anecdote about yourself or someone you know, a facial expression, a totally made up thing.. anything. It doesn't matter. Tell me in the comments (or email me at [email protected]) and maybe something that you tell me will appear in a thing that's going to kick off next weekend.
I might be giving more detail before the weekend, I haven't decided yet. Or I might just drop it on the internet. Perhaps I need to discuss with the other interested party (spoiler alert - there's someone else involved) what they think.
In the meantime - it's the weekend, so cheers!

Buzz and Excitement...

Not sure what drink I've got here. I do know though that my hair isn't as dark as this photo indicates!

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