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Bye Bye Baby Bird!

Posted on the 06 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
It all started yesterday. I think my body has still been working out my sickness and getting used to not having to be on bed rest all day, so this week I have been really loopy. I guess that I am always loopy, but extraordinarily out of sorts. My body doesn’t know when to sleep or wake up or anything. I guess that happens when you’re drugged up and don’t remember a few days of your life. So this week at work I have been totally fine, wide awake, alert and excited to bust out my productivity. But as soon as I get in my car (the only place I’m still affected slightly by vertigo) I get really drowsy. My commute home is usually about 45 minutes. When I get home I am just ready to pass out. Monday I fought it, and stayed awake and then at like midnight I just crashed hard. Yesterday, I was thinking, hey maybe my body just needs a nap. So at about 6:45 I fell asleep, and so when I wake up I think it’s probably 7:30 or 8, NO IT WAS 11:30PM! So now I am wide awake. I decided to watch my new addicting show (new to me) Break Bad, I watch it until about 2:30am, and then forced myself to sleep.
So when my alarm went off this morning at 7:30, I snoozed it until about 8:15, rushed and got ready and drove to work. I’m late of course, since I am suppose to be there at 9. But I get in and the office is in a frenzy, because our 150 gallon fish tank was over flowing (all the fish lived - no worries) It was just a giant sloppy mess to clean up, and also there was a baby bird wrapped up in a pile of monkeys. We like monkey’s at my work, they are every where!303642_10150874043343602_258734259_n-2012-06-6-12-46.jpg
So the story about this little bird is last night, was a late night at work for my dad, he went to leave at about 1am, and saw this bird outside. He decided to leave it because if a bird falls out of it’s nest the mom will pick it up, just not with anyone around. People scare birds. Who knew? So this morning the bird was still there, so we decided we should take him inside. We made him a nice warm nest, went and bought him some delicious worms and we were doing all we could. Seriously we were cutting up the worms and feeding it to him with tweezers. 599562_10150874043548602_16829749_n-2012-06-6-12-46.jpg
We had such high hopes for Fycus. We had him alive and eating, even hobbling around for about 4 hours. Then he stopped chirping, so we thought he was tiring down. Nap time? Then he was quite for a long time, like 30 minutes. So we checked on him and he wasn’t able to stand and kept flopping around like he couldn’t use any muscles just flail.
I went to my computer to look up if there was a “wildlife shelter” close by where we could take him, since we clearly couldn’t take care of him, despite our efforts. I couldn’t find any in Utah. So I started to look up what else we could do. All the articles just yelled at me for taking the bird in the first place, telling me it was illegal. I have to read through all this yelling to try and find anyone who was willing to help me. Then I heard those words “ we lost Fycus”. Poor Fycus. We had a burial for him. We loved him, we were going to train him to carry post it notes from one cubicle to another. I’m sorry Fycus, and RIP little birdy.

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