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Candy is Crushing My Life

Posted on the 28 April 2013 by Sameuniqueness
Candy is Crushing My Life Source of Image: Fernando 
Every time you pull up your news feed in Facebook, you find the profile picture change, the what-I-ate-for-lunch post, and then sprinkled between the random sonogram picture and the status tagging at at least three friends is at least five posts about what level of Candy Crush someone just "smashed".
It seems like Candy Crush has replaced Farmville with the many invites to play and the numerous posts from the game of what level our friends just smashed. But even if you set your account to not see anything from Candy Crush, your friends (the ones you usually like outside of their Candy Crush obsession) will post regular statutes about.... wait for it... what level of Candy Crush they just smash!! Aaarrggg!!! 
Then even when you think your email is safe it too has been tainted by that evil, stalking beast known as Candy Crush. Just leave us alone, CC. Please!!

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