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Caravan and True Souls

Posted on the 21 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Love is probably the primordial and foremost emotion between two souls in the context of creation and co-creation.  The essence and core of every religious precept is love, peace, righteous conduct, realization of self and reverence to the Almighty.  Though the world acknowledges various religions the followers and faith believers generally are prone to pursue chosen prescriptions of their respective religions to attain undue or undeserving material wealth and power.  Religion enlightens us about the most pious nature of spirit and spirituality.  Spirituality is mostly the highest form of religion where it encompasses the distorted forms of religion and conducts in the true spirit of pure religious tenets that bestow wholesome perspective of world beyond any distortion, discolor or degeneration of original view of relevant religion.  Spirituality is a wholesome feeling that looks at the whole humanity in one spirit and with one eye.  Spirituality is self-less, above board of any religious prejudices, mix of reverence, human concern, and compassion, defines true love, proposes legitimate cohabitation, drives intellect, conscious centric, time less, non-subjective, all inclusive and convergent view of one world, one religion and one love.

The need of the hour is to enlighten youth about this true spirituality which is mostly a non-religious form of disciplined living and which would nurture pure relationship, true love and eternal union of two souls into one.  The world today needs such pure relationship among youth so that they could bring on to earth the true children of God.  The true children would connote the progeny who would by birth endear the earth with perfect human flair and divine glow.

The poem below tries to portray such a situation where the depicted couple get immersed in their true love never minding the falling conduct of rest of the world.

caravan and true souls


A big caravan in the biggest ever desert
Stories of travails in search of myth
Idiocy ruling education and intellect caged in ignorance
Money chasing money poverty chasing penury
Soulless relationships defining new love
Fears and aspirations driving spiritualism
It is a caravan with full of cultural contradictions and commotions
Lie in the midst two souls snugged
Who created a garden of divine communion
Who speak intellect and who walk growth
Who bathe in the warmth of emotions
Who savor the truth in benign
Who restrain union fearing the caravan
Caravan is moving towards the oasis
While the two souls inching to convergence
To create a world of true love and savor the power of divinity
God is with them
Nature is with them
Time is with them
What else they need?


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