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Cats, Costumes, and Christmas: REAL TALK

Posted on the 30 October 2012 by Gandbblog @GandBblog

You know how much I love to be real, so here goes. A new linkup ready and waiting for me to bust out some real life truth:
1. I was sick all weekend. I think it was food poisoning, but I am not sure. All I know is, I feel better and fall weather has come to little ole Alabama/Georgia.
2. Due to said food poisoning, I have really become inspired to eat better. Less junk and processed food and more real, fresh food.
3. We still don't have cable or internet at home and I feel like I am dying. I think I have an addiction to the internet, and I am so bummed I am missing all of my fave shows. I also may or may not have gone over my data plan twice in the past two weeks. It may or may not cost my husband and I hundreds...What are we supposed to do? Oh yeah, pay $100 up front to get internet. That may have been cheaper...duh.
4. I seriously don't like Halloween. I think it's lame. Sorry not sorry. I love fall, but not a fan of Halloween. I just can't get into it. Slutty girl costumes and lots of zombies...I am just over it already. If I see one more booty or boob in my face, I am going to hurl.
5. I thought I didn't want kids and now that everyone is pregnant, I feel like I am missing out. Am I the only one?
6. People who are already listening to Christmas music, I commend you. It's brave for you to risk your life to play that mess a month and 2 days early. My rule is no Christmas music until December 1. Otherwise, I will be pillaged or murdered. Neither are good options for me.
7. I. do. not. like. cats. period. First reason, I am allergic. Second reason, they are evil. Third reason, cat photos make me wonder what is so cute about them. Also, sorry for you cat people. More power to you, but I realize you either love cats or hate them. I guess, I hate them.
If you did not like this post, then do not link up. If you're like me and you are fluent in sarcasm and just need to be real with folk, definitely link up! Only requirements are, Be Honest, Place the button on your blog, and Link up with Morgan, Nikki, or Brie. 
Cats, Costumes, and Christmas: REAL TALK Linking up with Morgan at Quite the Blog today for Real Talk Tuesday!


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