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Caught Up in the Linsanity

Posted on the 24 April 2012 by Killerfillers @killrfillr
It Was Only Just a Dream
Finally I was lucky enough to attend my first NBA game at the World’s Famous Madison Square Garden. As a kid growing up watching the likes of Jordan, Garnett, Iverson, Kobe and now Lebron, watching a live NBA game has always has been my dream. And as the opportunity presents itself, the best that one can do is grab it and never let it go. That’s exactly what I did. 
Of all the places I never thought my first NBA game would be in the world’s famous  MSG. Watching the Knicks against the Raptors was a pleasure to say the least - few things in the world can match the excitement of a Knick game, regardless of how well or bad the home squad is performing.   Call it a knack for timing because the Knicks were on 3 game winning streak ever since the departure of coach Mike D’Antoni.  
Linsanity, Stat and Melo
As you all know the last time when these two teams met, it was the height of Linsanity craze. Jeremy Lin made a game winning 3-pointer at that time. As for the game on hand I didn’t expect him to be the scorer since Melo has return and so is JR Smith. The first quarter of the game was a see saw battle between the two teams. Despite the strong play from the home team, the Raptors squads weren’t exactly bad as you think. By second quarter the Knicks defense pick up and eventually lead by 9 before the halftime. And they never trail after that, with the final score of 106-87 en route to a 4-game winning streak.
Even though it was sort of a blow out game, the crowd was never bored with all the Melo, Stat & Lin game highlights and not to mention the MSG fan-interaction during timeouts. I definitely love the Bongo Cam, Make Some Noise and chant of DE- FENSE during the game. I also enjoyed the half time show which features two guys spinning in two separate giant rings.  It was a game free from any kind of drama (except for the Aaron Gray technical foul) but it nevertheless it was an exciting game.
Take Her to the Ball Game
I was joined by my better half and it was our second time to watch a basketball game (the first is the Smart All-Stars also with some NBA players). Just hearing her say "Wow!" as the Knicks project their opening montage definitely add to our amazement Of course being the self-proclaimed hoop junkie, I answer every trivia’s that she’s not aware of like who’s the popular player in the Raptors, did Knicks won a championship and so on. Seeing her eyes light up at the smallest details made the night definitely much better. I would have bought her some bag of popcorn or cotton candy for the full NBA game experience but we already devoured on the Double Bacon Cheeseburger in Five Guys before going to the arena.With 2 minutes remaining  in the ball game  I insisted to get our money’s worth and finish the game which she obliged. And finally, we were like kids squealing of glee when the rafters burst with streamers in celebration of the Knicks victory. It was indeed an awesome NBA experience as we soak in every moment we had. 
Hopefully we can gets a ticket to watch a NY Yankees or Mets by next week.

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