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Celebrate the Spirit of Being A Woman #WomensDay

Posted on the 19 March 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

It was a Gala evening and a great time for women. The occasion was to Celebrate the spirit of being a woman. It was a celebration of the distribution of Women’s Day Awards. By none other than legendaries Ratan Kaul and Aruna Oswal. In fact, this was the 11th edition of the celebration of womanhood. And it was grand. Rather, I would say, it was the proudest and happiest moments for all the women present at the event.

As we all know, 8th March every year is International Women’s Day. This is a global event. It is the occasion to celebrate the womanhood. With the backdrop of political and human rights theme for all women across the globe by the United Nations. This day aims to celebrate the social, political, cultural, and economic achievements of women. No achievement, in fact, is big or small. An achievement, after all, is an achievement.

Being a Woman

This particular event was not only to celebrate the spirit of being a woman but also a day of recognition. It was the occasion of awarding women achievers from various fields of life. These women have become an aspiration for other women not only across the nation but the globe. In fact, these women have achieved tremendous heights in their respective areas. Rather they have become a trendsetter for others.

That was the reason for Ratan Kaul and Aruna Oswal in association with Sun Foundation to recognize these women achieving expertise in different professions and fields. In fact, it was the glittering curator of the even, Shilpa Raina Wahal, to run the show with right rhythm and pace. It was a thought-provoking panel discussion soon after the awards distribution. The theme of the panel discussion was ‘The Idea of India – Brand India & My Contribution to it’.

Every Moment Is A moment to Celebrate the Spirit of Being A Woman

Ratan Kaul says, “This celebration recognizes and praises the indomitable spirit and courage shown by women across fields who have excelled and achieved their aim by fighting all the odds. Our platform is enthused to recognize achievers by making an effort to keep that spirit up by rewarding them.”

Celebrate Spirit Being Woman #WomensDay

Aruna Oswal, the co-host of the event comments, “I feel that womanhood needs to be celebrated more than anything else in today’s day and age. Celebrating and awarding proficient women through the platform of the International Women’s Day Awards is just another opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to our society.”

Shilpa Raina Wahal, Chief Curator adds, “We at International Women’s Day want to recognize celebrate and felicitate the ‘Superwomen’ who are shattering all the stereotypes and conventional molds and are managing everything single-handedly, straddling many domains ….the home / the workplace “.

The Guests of Honour were Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh, Shashi Tharoor, Padma VS Sahney, Nishtha Satyam (Officiating Country Director UN Women), Kalyani Chawla, and Bina Ramani. List of Awardees include DG FICCI Ambika Sharma, Former Indian Women Cricket Team Captain Anjum Chopra, Entrepreneur Ankita Aggarwal, Culinary diplomat Christine Samandari, Entrepreneur Harjinder Kaur, Classical Singer Meeta Pandit, Entrepreneur Nidhi Sharma, Jewellery Designer Pooja Vaswani, Interior designer Punam Kalra, Rajiee Shinde, Singer Meenu Bakshi, Author Rita Gangwani, Designer Ritu Beri, Beauty Expert Samantha Kocchar, Sita Raina, Shrishti Kaur, and Social Activist Sumedha Bahuguna.

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