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Celebrating the End of My First Semester of Grad School: Karaoke in Color Music Studio

Posted on the 17 December 2012 by Belapertiwi

Tonight makes me feel like I want to write something in my blog. It was just random night when all of us finally finished our final exams and planned to do something before everyone get occupied by their winter break vacation. So, I recommended to have karaoke night because, really, karaoke can help you release your entire burden inside your head by singing aloud. For me personally, it has already been a culture during my undergraduate in Jogja.

So, after inviting those who could join us and discussing where to go, we finally chose Color Music Studio. Honestly, I was a bit cautious going to this place simply because some reviewers in the internet said the place was a bit darker with some Asian men usually drunk in the bar in front of karaoke studio. But, since one of our friends prefer to go to this place, so that’s fine. In fact, it is cheaper.

Having done with ice skating and dinner in downtown silver spring (I recommended the Thai restaurant we visited because it is nice food, nice place with reasonable price), we headed to Color Music Studio in 2403 University Boulevard W Wheaton, Silver Spring. The first impression is exactly similar to those reviews in the internet: small studio with a bar in the front side, darker karaoke rooms, not that pretty furniture, and all Korean-language technology. But whatever, we just want to sing! And in fact, it turned out to be lots of fun because they have quite complete song lists and some Indonesian songs! I gave plus rating for their having ‘Yogyakarta’ song in the play lists because I looooove this song so much. It is just touching to be able to sing this song here in United States, like a reminder that this city is always close even when we are abroad. Haha, now I am mellow. We decided to spend two hours for karaoke and it was just surprising because not only they gave us another 30 minutes free but also the price was cheaper than we thought. They charged 30 dollars for all rooms no matter how many people use it. So, it is really a great deal.

Despite we went home almost midnight with some difficulties finding transportation to take us back, it was totally a great night. Hope everyone also has nice closing for their semester. Night!

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