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Celebrities and Collectors!

Posted on the 17 April 2011 by Travelingdivas
HOLLYWOOD—No doubt about it; these tough, economic, challenging times continue to add stress to many people. Earthquakes, tsunamis, war and gasoline prices rising are all part of the overall economic picture of society being frustrated. My advice, go to the movies. Some people are turning to the movies as a form of escapism from the reality of the real world. So mark your calendars for the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival that will take place from April 20 to May 1 in New York City. The festival will kick off with the “The Union,” a documentary based on the life of Sir Elton John along with Leon Russell. After the screening a performance by Elton John will follow. The film “The Union,” is directed by Cameron Crowe and captures the personal side of Elton John.
Speaking of the personal side of Elton John, we bumped into the “King of Glass” Angelo Rossi in Canada who sold many pieces of hand-blown glass to Elton John. Sir Elton John is an astute collector of his works of art. Angelo is well known for his many pieces of glass art, which are displayed in his Galleria on Queen Street in Niagara Falls. His works of art have been purchased not only by Elton John but also by Ted Turner, Barenaked Ladies, James Cameron, Jane Fonda, Sidney Poitier, Gordon Scott and O.J. Simpson among many more. Rossi originally owned Rossi Glass; however, he is no longer affiliated with that company since he sold his business many years ago. Rossi's signature line of cranberry glass includes the addition of 22 carat gold. When you visit the Rossi Galleria, you’ll see Rossi busy at work making glass chandeliers. He is personable and takes the time to speak to tourists and fans. Do not confuse it with the other store Rossi Glass in Souvenir City. Angelo Rossi signs every piece that leaves his studio with a diamond pen and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. His lovely wife will even give you a discount if you mention you’re a reader of this column. Keep in mind that without his signature the art glass has no value. His website is
Here is another treasure for collectors. While Borders bookstore may be closing, celebrities just love TASCHEN bookstore in Beverly Hills owned by German founder Benedikt Taschen. His uniqueness is also found in his living quarters, he owns one of the rarest homes in Los Angeles, which is built like a flying saucer. His store is filled with one-of-a-kind rare books even an art scholar would admire. Some of his lavish, large-scale art books go for thousands of dollars.
Rose’s Scoop: Hollywood is mourning the death of Elizabeth Taylor. March 23, 2011, marked a very sad day, indeed. There will never be another Elizabeth Taylor; she will be truly missed around the world. At the age of 79, she leaves behind a legacy of films and philanthropy. This column is dedicated to Dame Elizabeth. 

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