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Changes, Cycles, No Follow Through in Love

Posted on the 18 March 2019 by Berijoy @berijoy
changes, cycles, no follow through in love

by now

it was fake,

was not real,

had grown stale.

there was nothing,

no follow through.

so acting out the motions

for the benefit of the audience

who knew,

but pretended

things were fine

for the social order


and all that,

was all

that was left.

the facade

brought loss.

it was the

talking the talk

but not walking the walk

that was tedious.



not owning up

to choices.

only besting,


and now it's fallen apart.

you should have dropped

what you didn't need to carry

forward. tried

bringing only what you need

for today

and maybe, tomorrow.

leave yesterday at its own sandy doorstep.

what has fallen apart has fallen apart

because it's not needed

because it's time is over

the clock has stopped.

it was built on sand

illusions that seemed

like steel

in that moment,

but were more fluff

like cotton candy.

stop lying

being unrealistic

what point are you trying to prove

as you

cultivate your own unhappiness,

and no one wins

especially, you.

new beginnings are

everywhere present because



new beginnings

but only if

you want them.

there is always

another opportunity.

yes, endings

bring new beginnings.

be patient.

give it time.

invest in it


happiness is coming

fruit will ripen.


you will then know

what it truly is

to be built

on a foundation

of solid stone,

or steel.

but remember:

you get back what you give out.

if you want your garden

to blossom and grow,

tend your garden.

water it.

if you don't give,

you're not going to get

anything, but rocky sand

and dandelion flowers

gone to seed.

put your effort into it.

water it.

with realness.

relentless truth.

lest you find your hands empty again.

there is no one-sided magic

in the land of duality.

© 2019. Egyirba High. All Rights Reserved.

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