Clouds and Photography

Posted on the 30 July 2013 by Holly Higbee-Jansen @hhjphoto

"Imagine a world without clouds - nothing but clear blue sky from horizon to horizon, 365 days a year. What a monotonous world it would be, bereft of the imagery of billowing castles, dragons, and winged steeds, deprived of the drama of motion and shadow, innocent of the expectancy and foreboding that cloud changes arouse in the human spirit."

-Bette Roda Anderson, Weather in the West

I've mentioned this before, but clouds have a lot ot do with the composition and feel of landscape photography. When there's a cloudy day, I get excited about photography. I look at the sky and appreciate the shapes and the types of clouds that are going to affect the finished product. I guess the cool thing about clouds in photography is they become a compostional element. You have to balance the shape and size of the clouds with the rest of the image.

This is called the "Sierra Wave". Pretty cool, huh?

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