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Coming Out of Their Box… Helping Your Child Adapt to a New Home

Posted on the 27 July 2022 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw

Coming Out of Their Box… Helping Your Child Adapt to a New Home
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Making a move to another part of the country involves undertaking lots of big decisions. Whether you are trying to find the right school for your child or the right location, there is a lot to consider and adapt to. But you also need to remember that with this comes a lot of anxieties, not least from your child. After you've made the move, you have to focus on helping your child adapt. So what does it really take to do this properly?

Letting Them Get Acquainted With Their New Space

There are two schools of thought when it comes to helping your child adapt to a new home. Firstly, you can make it a priority to do their bedroom first so they've got everything where it normally is, albeit in a new environment. The other approach can be to let them come to terms with their new room and let them make the decisions as to where things can go. This could mean that if you opt for the latter, you may need to have a bit of time so you can all focus on starting a new life together. Putting items in storage might be a very useful suggestion in the short term, which is easily done because companies such as Container Selfstore ensure that you can put everything in one place and access it whenever you need it. When you let your child get acquainted with a new home, it means that the message can be stark: they've got to start all over again, but you are giving them the power to choose the next phase of their life.

Checking In With Them

After you have unpacked everything and the home is as it should be, you will have to expect a few bouts of anxiety because of so much change that has occurred. Therefore, just checking in with your children on a regular basis means they have the option to vent if they have issues that they need to get off the chest. Remember; it's okay for them to be not completely happy or comfortable and you need to give it time. Try not to force the positives, but instead, be empathetic and talk about ways to make everything better.

Celebrating the Little Moments

You have made big changes, and therefore, you all need to stop and take stock. When you start to notice that your child is struggling with adjusting to a new environment, make a note of it, but also celebrate being there because it can help you all to be in a more positive frame of mind. You might be endlessly positive, but this can backfire if you're trying to reflect this in your child. Make sure that you all celebrate being together as a family because you will all be going on unique and exciting adventures, and you may think that this is going to be the best thing that will ever happen. But remember that your child is not necessarily looking at it from the same point of view. Give it time, and they will adapt.
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