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Confessions of a 30 Year Old!

Posted on the 22 August 2011 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
I said to my loved one, "god nothing exciting ever happens in my life, it's crap". I realised that I should have put this perhaps a little differently as his face expressed an injured soul! Ooops! But then I couldn't help myself. I thought on reflection that I was probably out of order saying this because he will take this as a personal attack about how I feel about my life and of course he is a large part of my life. I then thought, stuff it....he needed to know that is how I had been feeling and have been feeling for ages! Even though his face showed hurt and injury I carried on telling him why I felt that everything was so crap. My job is stressful....I am now on holiday... yay...what do I do with this amazing holiday time that I have? Chuffing housework I tell you!!!!! My other half seems to think that this activity should make me feel happy...because I have created a cleaner, nicer environment for us to chill out in... also known as watching TV and doing crap all else! I feel so frustrated and I told him this. His response was not what I had expected. He decided to tell me that he thinks life isn't exciting and that it can't always be a party. I could explode with anger sometimes. I realised, and told him that I now understand that if I want my life to be a little more exciting I need to take control, take charge and make things happen for myself..which will no doubt result in me doing the things I love like taking photos and playing the guitar BY MYSELF AS USUAL! I don’t think he realises , even though I have told him many times, that I would like to share these hobbies with him, but I think I may as well just talk to that brick wall! So after having this convo with him....I'm still bored, thinking everything is crap and he now sulks because I have offended him. So, what do I have to look forward to today I wonder? Oh I know.....getting a new bath mat from chuffing Argos in a wheat color to match the bathroom carpet. I might just spark up a cig now...end the misery that is my mood and put the Argos postcode into my sat nav...... oh hang on, I don't own a sat nav! Oh well...the journey to Argos may be more exciting than I first thought! Bring it!!!

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