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Confessions of a 30 Year Old!

Posted on the 21 August 2011 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
Hello there youngsters, oldies or equals! I have decided to do this blog because my boyfriend suggested I pour my thoughts and feelings into something that couldn't get offended by what I say. Also, so that he, quote, "doesn't have to listen to me anymore". I thought about it and thought yes that's a top notch idea. it would save a lot of earache for him and me...because when I get annoyed I often just say what is on my mind and expect there to be some kind of 'change' hahaha yes I know that is stupid! Anyway I thought I should go for it. But then I thought that it could also be a disaster. Why? Because I don't want people that I actually know reading it! It's a diary. Personal. But I would love strangers to read and comment and laugh at me or shout at me....whatever... but if I let me friends/family read this then they would judge me, perhaps even make comments or about my confessions to others, behind my back! So here I am writing a blog with no one actually reading it apart from me. I will not tell my friends/family that i am writing this blog....but I really hope others somehow magically find it on their radar and take a peek. I recently stopped smoking so something has got to help me get through it....chuff me!!!!!! Confessions of a 30 year old starts here........

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