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Confessions of a Delhi Bride (Vol 1) ~ How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Anxiety!!

Posted on the 21 September 2014 by Jasminebhatia @jas_mine7
Hello People...
How are you all doing?? As for me...Like any other soon to-be-bride...I am freaking out...YES I SAID IT OUT LOUD...though on the face of it I may look all calm and composed...but I am freaking out big time on the inside!! Everyone says that its pretty normal for every bride-to-be but that doesnt help...seriously everytime someone tells me to 'calm down' or 'that feeling is natural' I feel like telling them to 'shut-up'...grrrr
Confessions of a Delhi Bride (Vol 1) ~ How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Anxiety!!
So what are the common things that gets on to a bride's head and cause Anxiety?? 
1. The TO-DO ListI have noticed the more I check my to-do list...the more I feel stressed out...I am sure many of you would agree with me on this.. This generally happens when you have time crunch or you are just a lazy ass like me..In my case I strike out 2 things and add 4 more..and this causes me anxiety to an extent that I loose my sleep at night.. :( but I am working on it..I am planning my schedules now!!
How to Deal with this sort of anxiety?Well, you need to plan, plan and plan your schedules wisely...Don't keep things for the last minute and stop procrastinating!! For example: If you are going to a market and you have a few things that you need to buy in your to-do list then make the necessary purchases while you are in the market instead of leaving it on for another day..
2. The Preparations I am blessed that I don't have much role in the wedding preparations...All I had to do was shopping and make a few bookings(thank god) in the name of preparations...everything else is being handled by my family...However, If you are one of those who are doing all the wedding preparations on your own...then first of all..'I Salute You'...Its no child's play planning out your own wedding..I know how stressful things get..But you need to breath and calm down everytime you feel overwhelmed with the preps and work load.. 
How to deal with it?Take help...Yes, there is no harm in asking for help from your loved ones!! You can always ask your close friends and family to help you out with the preps...You cant be at all the places at share your tasks with them..or you can simply hire a wedding planner!!
3. The VenuesFinding your dream venue can be a very daunting task when you have to pick and choose venues for your wedding and other function(s)..there are so many things that one has to keep in mind while picking out a be very clear about the number of guests that you need to cater to, how big or small you want the venue to be,decorations,food, how close or far you want the venue to be..and most importantly dates and budget!! (Choosing venues gave me alot of stress but thank god everything is booked now)
How to deal with it?Start looking for venues as soon as possible...the more time you'll have in hand...the more options and deals you will get..Say if you are planning to get married in January then start atleast 6 months before the wedding..This way you wont have to face date clashes or over bookings.. In my case, I found my perfect venues after 2 months of searching..
4. The BookingsI have so many things related to bookings pending in my to-do list...its my major stress at the moment..I still need to book a MUA(for myself & my mom & sisters...god please save me!!..)...and a Photographer...dont judge me people...I had booked a freelance MUA but she backed out after 10 days of booking :( (major heart ache) so now I have to find a new and better MUA and a big NO to freelancers this time...huh.. and for photographer...My brother is on the hunting ...Hope he finds a real good one...fingers crossed!! Anyhow coming back to the point...there are endless number of people and services that one requires during a designers, MUAs, caterers, house helpers, guest accommodations, pick up and drop service for the guests, entertainers and the list is endless...But once need to calm down and think straight...sit with your family/fiance and discuss..
How to deal with it? need to first of all know how many people or services you need to book..once you are sorted with that...start looking and ask around your circle for recommendations..You can again ask your family and friends to help you out with the bookings..Keep a list and keep checking it so you dont miss out anything!!
5. The Outfit(s)It is one of the major things that every bride-to-be stresses out the most!! Picking out your wedding outfits and trousseau can be extremely exhausting and stressful at times...I took almost 4 months and  a complete exploration of Delhi pick out my outfits that I need to wear on the wedding and other functions..god I am extremely selective(A new realization).. P.s My next post will cover the stores and markets from where you can do your wedding clothes shopping.. :)) Keep waiting!!
How to Deal with it?You need to know how many functions you will have..big or matter are the bride and you need to feel like a princess on all of your functions :)) So once you know how many outfits you need..divide them in categories like main wedding outfit, small functions, big family gathering..and so you can decide better on the designs ( traditional, indo western, wetstern...etc etc). Start looking out in the a research what trends and colors are in..and what suits you best..look up the internet..ask around your girlfriends...they always know atleast one great store/designer...But keep in mind the time frame..clothes take alot of time for the sooner you will start the better and less stressful it will be for you!!   
6. The Nose-y People  We all have relatives or friends who are way more curious to know about each and every detail about your wedding and preparations...mind you these are the ones...who dont actually help in anything but only cause you more stress..I have a few of them..!! I dont mind sharing things and giving out the details but dude...there is a way of asking...and once they have the details they will make sure to pick out a few problems in every little thing.. 
How to Deal with it?Well, you can just politely tell them, that they'll know when the wedding happens :) (In a good way) and if they still don't get the hint...everytime they ask...just give them the tiniest bit of info and change the topic to something else...and still if it doesnt work..then politely smile back at them and simply tell them that you are already stressed out about the things and are not very comfortable in talking about the details...and heavens sake if they still dont back off...then my darling you need to back off and simply ignore the person in the most politest way :) 
So...these are a few things that I have been dealing with..At times..things go out of hand and mess up...but eventually everything works out...I try not to worry about each and everything...and when I feel overwhelmed/scared/stressed-out...I just call up my angel..My Sister..She is like my mind reader...I dont have to tell her what exatcly is wrong...I just blabber out everything...its like a thought flood..and she knows what I am trying to say...I am so glad that I have her in my life..Love you SIS (If you are reading it..anyhow..I know you already Know) So coming back to the point again...Girlies you need to share your fears and doubts with your loved ones... No one can handle everything, everyone has a limit beyond which the mind stops...when that happen...simply stop whatever you are doing and talk to your most loved person...IT WORKS!!
Be Happy and Enjoy the whole experience...It will all be over before you know it :))
Hope this post helps you...Do leave your comments below..and let me know what you think or if you are also a bride-to-be...what stresses you the most...anything :)) 

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