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Posted on the 29 January 2013 by Shamsud @mysticverse

Contentious Low Light and Night Photography - Good night! Whose land is these? When do we die? Who survived the flood? Who coloured your blood? Who decided the last rites? Whose doctrine? Whose verse?
Who decided the time? Who embalmed the corpse? Who brought down Harappa? Who decided? What is more than worse? Where are the gods?
Who hired wired your faith? Heaven’s gate? Who customised your taste? Who decides? Who is late? Who prepares your bread? What is your take on life-thread?
Who? When even the God visited in dates? Does he know? Who controls our fate? Is it in the cosmos? Days separated from night!? Whose order? Where is the new light? The world still fights? You can run but cannot hide? Can you?

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