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Conversation Between Hubby and Wifey: The Afterglow

Posted on the 24 July 2013 by Mochiway @mochiway
After a very very long hour of exercise, wifey decides to reward herself with a facial.  She walks into the bathroom and slathers a transparent cooling gel substance onto her face.  As she finishes and proceeds to wash her hands, hubby steps in and is just about to ask a question when he suddenly stops, looks perplexed and amazed at Wifey's face.
W: What? (looks slightly embarrassed)
H: Wow, look what a little bit of exercise can do!!
W: Eh?
H: You all sparkly and glowy!
W: It's my facial gel.
H: ...oh.... (walks away).
Lesson of the day:
Women, if you're looking for a compliment, slather on transparent sparkly facial gel.
If you're trying to fake looking like you're healthy and young, slather on transparent sparkly facial gel.

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