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Crafting up a Storm

Posted on the 27 September 2012 by Jane @Jane_PlanetBaby

Crafting up a storm

My new motto

Ooh, if only I could bottle your wonderful enthusiasm to my last post about my Etsy shop! You Planetarians are such heart-lifters. Just what a girl needs at a time like this ☺. Thankyou. My new iPhone should arrive tomorrow - yippee! While I've been waiting for it, I've been beavering away with my preparations. This little affirmation card which sweet Catherine gave to me really inspires me. George was a wise woman! Here are some snaps of what I've been up to. 
Crafting up a storm I've been playing around with some old favourites to create my signature wrapping style. I don't mean that pretentiously. How a present is wrapped is almost as important as what's inside for me. I really want my customers to feel like I've made a special effort, just for them. That feeling is so often absent in this age of mass production, don't you think?
Sorting Crafting up a storm I've relished peeking inside my favorite little crocheted basket to find my stash of Liberty swatches. Crafting up a storm Miss India had such fun sorting them out with me. Crafting up a storm Here are some of the blues. *Sigh*.
Making Crafting up a storm I relished using my new ribbon to whip this little number up. I'm quite smitten with it. It *may* just stay with me, just quietly. Crafting up a storm I found making this one, well, peaceful ☺.
Crafting up a storm Before my new Liberty fabric arrived from the UK, I was using up small pieces like this. Crafting up a storm Now I have this beauty in all its glory. Crafting up a storm So I can do this instead! It's infinitely more satisfying.
Researching Crafting up a storm Of course the lawyer in me thought I should do some *light reading*! Not that I have - yet.
Organising Crafting up a storm I've had fun stocking up my new shelves. Those photos are still coming...
Designing Crafting up a storm And to finish, today I created the banner for my Etsy shop. Here's a tiny snippet of it. Sorry to be a tease. I'm nearly there. Thanks for your patience ☺.
So tell me, do any of you have any tips for a rookie crafter about to open her first little venture? So many of you Planetarians are such crafty mavens and extremely knowledgeable. Do share - I know some of you are also eager to learn more as you consider opening your own Etsy shops. How about we make Planet Baby into Etsy 101 Central?! Photobucket

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