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Creating in Faith - Pots of Clay

Posted on the 18 June 2019 by Realityarts @realityarts
Creating in Faith - Pots of Clay
Pots made of clay don’t always look that spectacular until they have been through the glazing and firing process.  When they are first molded and shaped they are dull in colour, still quite fragile.  Each pot is made for a different purpose, some that are filled with water, others filled with wine, some go to be filled with compost to hold plants and there are still a variety of other uses, each with its own purpose and plan for its’ existence.
We too are like these pots of clay that God has formed, molded, pressed in at the sides and fashioned to be fit for a particular purpose, having then His love, grace and wisdom poured into us. We are not to be afraid of what God has called us to do as his children because the purpose he has instilled within us is to bring life, be a blessing, minister to others and show others his love and grace through our thoughts, words and actions.
Once the pots have been fired at exceedingly high temperatures and come out of the kiln they are ready to go and do what they have been called to do, and so must we whatever processes, experiences that we are going through it is to equip us, strengthen us, show us our purpose and beauty and, seeing the richness that lay within us all we have to – as the clay is molded let our lives be molded to his will.What aspects of your life do you take for granted?  How can you shine a spotlight on those areas of your life that have been overlooked, - journal, write, create some art as your response.

Here are some of the links I mentioned.  My Cousins daughter Melissa's company called Grey Remedy check out her link HERE  You can also check her out on her Instagram Page

Creating in Faith - Pots of Clay

Part of Melissa's Range of potter

I love the Raku style of pottery and I have put together a Pinterest board for you to check out, there are some beautiful designs for you to appreciate.  I covered a workshop that artist Juliana Inniss did building coil pots below.  

She is part of a collective of Ceramic artists who exhibited together recently at the Form and Function exhibition below at the Argentina Embassy in Barbados, who have also by the way promised to host a monthly exhibition of local artists.

You can check out some of the sculptures I create HERE, I would love to see how I could incorporate the Raku effect, so a lot of experimenting is needed as my pieces are not fired in a kiln.  

Creating in Faith - Pots of Clay

Island Keeper - Mixed Media Art Sculpture, Manifesto Exhibition at Parliament

Creating in Faith - Pots of Clay

Disconnect - Mixed Media Art Sculpture, Manifesto Exhibition at Parliament

Amazon have a selection of books on Raku if you are interested in trying yourself  I have compiled list on my Amazon Storefront and check out some of the other books and resources available

Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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