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Credit Card Voucher Love Notes – August Edition

Posted on the 04 August 2015 by Sublo @bigolburb
Credit Card Voucher  Love Notes – August Edition

Umm... hey, well... at least it wasn't me. I came in to close last night (as usual) and was elated that new chick was slammed with customers on a Sunday afternoon. Simultaneously, I was mentally perishing any thought of taking over the bar from her lest I inherit an evil throng of angry patrons and a pigsty of a bar. As I suspected, both inconvenient suspicions came to bear their weight on my shoulders with monumental force. One such victim signs new chick's voucher and presents it to me for review. Once again that sucky turd after sucky turd of ratchet-ass patrons have no idea what it is to bartend.

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