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Posted on the 27 January 2015 by Shangi @lifefruitbasket
If I was even half a decent writer, I would write an epic novel about my Dad and his real-life adventures. I mean, we're talking about spies, barons, dictators, castles---yes, castles!--- let's throw in the seven dwarfs for good measure and call it a party.
During the prime of his career, he missed out on some recitals and school presentations, but I never felt a tinge of neglect. He could be flying from two different cities in a day but still manage to get home just in time for dinner and be excited about the most mundane things like a new pair of socks that I just purchased in the mall. He never told me what to do but he always led by example---He showed me to be compassionate to those who needed it the most, to choose my battles (and weapons!) wisely, to never dignify pompous questions with an answer, to be passionate about doing the right thing even if it can be the most difficult thing to do, to be able to find humor amid grave predicaments, to turn to God for guidance and thanksgiving... and randomly, how to survive winter in Cambridge, Massachusetts (he went to Harvard Law right after I was born).
Happy Birthday to my first love and sometimes, my favorite frenemy. 
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