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Dang Girl - Opposites Attract...

Posted on the 19 February 2013 by Wifessionals @wifessionals
Hello Wifessionals readers!
I'm Robin and I blog over at The Sunshine Diary.I am a cocktail and country music loving live-in girlfriend, just starting a new life in South Florida!
I "met" Kaitlyn way back when, and knew we would hit it off.
Why? Because opposites attract. 
Kaitlyn lives in a winter wonderland...Dang Girl - Opposites Attract... ...and I live in hot, sticky Florida
 Kaitlyn has a wonderful adoring hubby...Dang Girl - Opposites Attract...... and I have a wonderful adoring boyfriend who tries to kill me.
Kaitlyn has the cutest puppy to ever walk this earth...Dang Girl - Opposites Attract......and I'm mama to one very prickly hedgehog...who happens to blog occasionally.
Our lives may look a little different, but we both love the New York Giants, cooking great meals (her's come out way better than mine, but I can pretend), and sharing our lives with you all.

I am so thankful the blog world was able to bring us together!

My part of the blogosphere is full of random shenanigans, travel, adventures and sunshine.

So come on over to The Sunshine Diary  and join the fun!Dang Girl - Opposites Attract...
"I love life. I love being happy. I could sit and watch the ocean go by all day long..."
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