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Darkest Before the Dawn

Posted on the 02 September 2020 by Berijoy @berijoy
Darkest Before the Dawn

"Think of a new day and think of a new purpose. Think of a new reason out of the reasons of yesterday. Think of the distinctive step that is worth taking to continue the footprints of yesterday. Each day comes with its own ideas. Each day comes with its own troubles. Each day comes with its own possibles and impossibles. What makes each day good or bad is not just our thoughts but, the steps we take which is influenced by our thoughts to obtain what is good or bad. Think of a new day; think of a distinctive footprint"
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

So. We are ascending. To 5-D. We're in the process of transformation.

Over these next several years we will be riding a wave of energy that will lift us high and bring us low, and test us all before things abate and we are able to find some new and steady ground. I always say in my videos that how well you stay atop the swelling waves of this transformation time, will depend upon how well you walk in harmony with, and stand in the sanctum of your Inner Divine. Strengthening that connection with the greater aspect of your being will help you to hold the vision for the evolving consciousness that these next years are bringing. We are ascending in consciousness and embodying more light energy right here on earth.

But first: you and I will be tried.

Now if you are one of the ones only paying attention to 3-D reality, to just what is in front of you, you will see only the chaos that will unfold. You will know the world has gone mad, and think, maybe, you are going there, too. Let's face it. Being the corporeal beings we are, and living in a world designed to support only sense reality, the things that are happening out there (and that will happen) are (and will be) pretty convincing. You will see and hear things and know things through your senses, and you may find it difficult to divorce your experience from the larger Universal purpose. You may feel the need to identify with those sense perceptions and discount what I and others are telling you. You may have no awareness that there is a spiritual 'war' in process, and that it is time to bust out of the illusion that material experience is the all of life.

We are taking things up a notch.

"If we are serious about dreaming our awakening into being and creating a peaceful, loving earth in which the heart, spirit and soul are the only true leaders, we must continue to keep our focus on thoughts of unity and all that truly brings us together."
― Diane Hall

And if you are awake, awakening, awakened, you, too, are going to have to see these things, identify them, not lose your equilibrium, and hold the vision for the evolving consciousness. You're going to have to trust that there is a method to this madness (because there is).

But like I said, appearances can be pretty convincing.

We humans are all so fat and comfortable in our understanding of reality, what it is, how it works, that it is difficult for many to accept or believe reality has been created for them...very deliberately. As accusations of wrongdoing continue coming to light, as more dark secrets are upturned, as people begin to wake up from this Truman Show nightmare and become more aware that they've been sold a bill of goods for a very long time, it will seem to up end everything.

Revelations from those of us who have already snapped out of the hypnotic siren call of consensus reality in order to catch the ascension wave, will become as glaring as the morning sun to them. And the proverbial 'ish' will hit the fan.

No! I will not stand for the illusions of the 3D world any longer. I am a free and independent being. I am empowered and now acting independently, without outside interference.

~Michael P. Boardway

It is heartening to know that more people are awakening every day. That is encouraging. And it will help to recall that, especially in times where it feels we are drowning more than treading water.

And the truth is that it will be an uphill effort during these times. There may be days you think the dark forces will prevail. There may be days you are overcome with battle fatigue. There may be days you want to crawl into a tunnel because the swell of madness of chaos-becoming-order may well drive you there.

But you must remember that these times were forecast. At the level of your greater being, your Inner Divine, you knew what was on the line. You took up the journey for the sake of Love.

You must remember, also, that you came for just this time. You must know in your heart that there is a method to the madness. You must know that enduring those hard moments won't be for naught. This is the changing of the guard. But like I've said in other places, the guard that is there now won't go without kicking and screaming, won't go without a fight. And they will take prisoners. You will be witness to more darkness, and more atrocities, and you may feel in those moments that maybe you had it wrong.

And that will be the illusion. You will need to marshal your reserves and your knowing, and sit in your heart and stand firm in your truth and understanding.

Consciousness is rising. And while there may be moments that it looks like we won't make it, or that we had it wrong, or that we are not embodying our divine nature well enough, that too will be illusion.

"The utmost mission of Mind is to train our obscure consciousness which has emerged out of the dark prison of Matter, to enlighten its blind instincts, random intuitions, vague perceptions till it shall become capable of this greater light and this higher ascension. Mind is a passage, not a culmination."
― Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine

Hold the vision. Don't give up on you. On us. And find, increasingly, that more and many more are holding that vision for that new day. Keep on the high watch.

And...don't believe the hype (which will go gang-busters to pull you back into the illusion).

They say that it is always darkest before the dawn. I think that is true. So, walk in concert with your Inner Divine, and speak with compassion to yourself when you think you fall short, when you think the dark might take you. Hold a higher vision. Know something amazing is coming that has never been. Begin to practice rising above duality. Step back from the up-front and personal events going on around you. Find the balance between compassion and compassionate action. Maintain distance without getting caught between an emotional web of angst, anger, despair, and the horror of a dark system dying.

Be a witness for this time.

And know this: love is going to prevail in the end. A new day will be born. These next years will test us, try us. We are able. We are made of LOVE stuff. We are going to rise.

But first...the darkness.

Darkest Before the Dawn

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