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Date: November 7th., 2005Published in the New York Times ...

Posted on the 05 September 2015 by Martingevans

Date: November 7th., 2005
Published in the New York Times

Your columnist Paul Krugman (Pride, Prejudice, Insurance, November 7th. 2005, page A 25) is correct in his appeal for single payer health care.
While employment changes are important drivers of this, the most compelling reason for moving quickly to a form of single-payer health insurance is the advancement of science.
Once genetic screening techniques are perfected, so that each individual's propensity for each and every disease is known from an early age, the only form of health insurance that makes sense will be the single-payer form. The private health insurance industry will go the way of the dodo, as no responsible U.S. Government will allow an unregulated market in which Insurance Companies can cherry pick for coverage those with a low propensity to get sick while excluding those from coverage who are likely to do so.
We had better start right away to develop a Health Care system that takes account of these evolving technologies.
See the on-line version in the New York Times.

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