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Day 1 of 31 Days of Pinterest

Posted on the 04 May 2012 by Fantasticfrugal @afrugalblogger
So keeping with the "frugal" theme of the blog I thought day 1 should fall into that catagogry. This particular item went into my "wish list" board mainly because it didn't fit into any other catagory other than "dude, thats cool and I want like 4 of them" and since I dont have a board called that, wish list it is. Day 1 of 31 days of Pinterest What is that? you ask. It's the Conserve Socket, which turns off automatically after 30 minutes, three hours, or six hours of use. (They also make another socket, the Conserve Valet, that turns off when an electronic device is fully charged) Saving you Money!! This is put out by the belkin company. I had to of course check the price and it seems these bad boys run about $17-20 but in the long run might save you a bit of $$$. I'm not ready to run out and buy one just yet but thought it was a nifty enough of a device to pass it on to you.
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