Days 1 & 2 ...and Re-evaluating

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Khourianya @khourianya
Well, I completed Days 1 and 2 of the Yoga Journal 21 Day Fitness Challenge and have come to two conclusions
Days 1 & 2 ...and Re-evaluating
1) This FAR too advanced and fast for me
2) This challenge has a fitness focus that is not what I am looking for in a Yoga challenge
Guess that will teach me not to hop onto the first challenge I find. Day one was cardio focused and moved at a blinding pace that left me with a headache and laying in child pose trying to balance myself again by 10 mins into the half hour workout. Day two was slightly better in terms of pace, but it was still far too advanced for where I am.
I finished the second workout this morning and was crushed.  Here, I had set myself to the task of taking on a home yoga challenge and I felt I was in over my head.  So, I spent some time in the shower re-evaluating what it is I want from this yoga challenge
1) I need to find a quiet place within myself.  My life is hectic and I need to know I can slow myself down and reflect and, more importantly, find a way outside of running to shut my brain off a bit.
2) I need something for an extreme beginner.   I am not very flexible or strong so I can't do many of the more advanced poses yet.  I may never be able to.  I just need a safe starting point so I can hopefully improve.
3) Above all, I really need the stretch
So I started another search...since Yoga Journal's challenge was laid out so well I thought I would see if they had another 21 day challenge that fit my needs better.  And I lucked out!
Days 1 & 2 ...and Re-evaluating
Enter the Yoga Journal 21 Day Yoga Challenge
This one has entry points for both beginners and intermediate levels and still has the awesome 3 week layout of the first challenge.  There are videos ranging in length from 12 - 45 minutes and is much gentler in my preview.  Some are geared for morning, others for night.  Chances are I will try to do most of them in the mornings just to get my day started gently and earlier.   Today, our entire morning routine was so much better for my having gotten up and moved my body.
So - I'm switching.   Tonight I will do the 12 minute video that is scheduled for day 2 and carry on from there.
Not quitting - just making it work for me.

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