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Dear Ethan. What is Christmas?

Posted on the 23 December 2013 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog

Dear Ethan, You're now 8 whole months (and a couple of days) and we are 2 sleeps away from your first ever Christmas! You don't know it's coming, I'm sure you just think we've decided that having a tree in the middle of the living room, draped in pretty twinkling lights, is just our new taste in home decor. But it's not, it's all part of something called Christmas, and Christmas in summary is just the most magical time of the year, especially so for you. 
You see, on Christmas Eve (tomorrow) Santa Claus (he's the funny looking man you cuddled up to and tugged the beard of the other day) will visit you whilst you are sleeping. He will leave you a sack full of exciting toys, which you'll feel resting upon your toes as you wake in the morning. He will do this every Christmas Eve, just as long as you are a good boy during the year. 
And then, once you've explored your sack full of toys, you and I along with Daddy will head downstairs together to open the presents that have been sitting nicely wrapped under the tree for a few weeks now. We'll visit family, (where you'll probably receive yet more presents and of course, plenty of cuddles and kisses) and then we'll eat Christmas dinner together and play games.
It's always a wonderful day, but it'll be even more wonderful now that you're here. See, the magic isn't just in Santa Claus visiting, or the presents, or the food, the magic truly lies in family and being together. So for Mummy and Daddy and your Grandparents and your Aunties and Uncles and for everybody else that knows and loves you, you being here makes this time of year all that more magical.
And that my darling, is Christmas. 
Love always and forever, Mummy x
Dear Ethan. What is Christmas?Dear Ethan. What is Christmas?Dear Ethan. What is Christmas?

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