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Dear Eyeballs..

Posted on the 22 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann

Can I just say I am glad this week is over.. well okay I still have like 5 1/2 hours left at work, but basically it’s over. This week I started my new job here, and it’s been challenging. I went to the same place and had a very set routine for the past 4 years. So to jump into a new job and have new responsibilities, and lots to learn it’s very overwhelming. I am catching on fast, and REALLY enjoy everyone that I work with.

Loud Alarm,

Why must you really go off an hour earlier than you used to? I know that I set you, and made you do this. It still isn’t fair though. Stop singing at me.

Sleepy Jared,

Now you get to sleep an hour later than me. This really make me resent you a little bit. You know how much I enjoy sleeping don’t you?! You lay there all cuddled up with Shia and it kills me. It’s really hard to crawl out of bed all alone.


Saggy eyelids,

I am sick of you being so heavy. You need to go and work out, so that I don’t feel like you’re covering my entire eye ball all day long.

Training Tonya,

Thanks for training me, also thank you for having a baby so I could take over. I was just wondering if you’d want to come back after having the baby, because I really like working with you and I think most people like to work right after they have their first baby. :)

Tasty Doctor,

I love when I open my fridge and see a nice cold Dr. Pepper hanging out in there. My most favorite drink of them all. You make my mornings far less dreary.

Hot Hot Heating Pad,

I think I am addicted to you. Sometimes I fall asleep with you on my belly or back, and then when you automatically turn off, I instantly wake up. Now even when my Otis (tummy’s name) doesn’t hurt I still like to sleep with you. It’s probably one of those episodes of “strange addiction” all over again.

Sweet weekend,

I cannot wait to jump inside of you. I need you.

Sad twitter,

I am going to be better at tweeting next week, I really promise.

Commentaries on yesterdays post,

I am not an Ogre. Well only sometimes. I did really clip my toe nails today, because I was embarrassed of the photos that are now publicly displayed all over the world wide web. I didn’t get a chance to repaint the devils toe nails yet though. no more judgments please.



Messy Miki

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