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Dear Judgmental Moms...

Posted on the 13 July 2013 by Momsgonecrazy @slockwood33
 Dear Judgmental Moms...
I've been stewing over some recent encounters with judgmental moms, and I just had to get this out there. 
I'm that mom.
The one who... 
...feeds their kid produce that is not organic
...sprays their kids with aerosol sunscreen
...lets their kid eat fruit snacks with food dye!
...lets their kid eat pasta for breakfast, and pancakes for dinner 
and on occasion... I'm the crazy one who...  
...lets their kid have sugary drinks & dessert before dinner
 ...and a million other things moms would never, EVER let their kids do.
I'm that mom who does the best that she can with what she has. We live a BALANCED LIFE, with BALANCED VALUES, and we have rules and restrictions. We try to be healthy and active, but we have treats and special indulgences, too. I buy organic when it's on sale, and I don't when it's not. I don't shop at Whole Foods for $18 sunscreen because I'd rather have a roof over my head, food to eat, and kids who aren't sunburned -- all at the same time... and to do that, I have live my life the way that works for me... for my family.
If you don't agree with the way our family works, the choices I make, the things my kids do or eat or drink or wear... I really hope we can agree to disagree. 
I promise I won't judge you for your decisions if you promise not to judge me for mine. We can all parent differently, but together, right?
Dear Judgmental Moms...
This isn't intended towards anyone in particular, I just feel like I'm constantly being judged for my parenting choices. I wish I could quote what my hubby told me recently to make me feel better about judgey moms, but it wouldn't be appropriate for a family blog :)

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