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Delight Three People Today AND Change a Life

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Shawndrarussell

Delight Three People Today AND Change a Life

Make someone feel like THIS today!

Quick, think of three women in your life that you would love to delight today. Maybe your Mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, friend, cousin, co-worker, fiance, mentor? Okay, now which of those are book lovers? Eureka! Now keep those three people in mind as you read on.
Since publishing my debut novel, Couple Friends, several of my friends and family members have made me giddy with joy when I found out that they gifted copies of my book to their friends and family. You would think that the $2.99 (well, $8.97 since they gifted three copies) they spent was like putting bricks of gold directly in my pockets the way this made me feel. I guess because it's a form of validation; they enjoyed the book so much and believe in me enough that they wanted to share it with others, and not just by word of mouth, but by actually putting their money where their mouths are. Their gifts say to the recipients, "Okay, seriously, you've GOT to read this book."
The cold, hard truth is that the first months immediately after publication make or break a title. It could be well-written, fun, thought-provoking, whatever, and it doesn't matter if not enough people hear about it and in turn purchase it. Read more about the importance of the crucial initial months in Jody Hedlund's post When You Should Stop Marketing a Book (hint: the moment you do, the moment your sales will cease).
And I lied. You won't be just delighting the three people you thought about by gifting them a copy of my book for a grand total of $8.97. You may also change my life. I don't mean to be dramatic about this, but the truth is, I have no idea what the future holds. I've given up a steady paycheck, health care, and retirement savings and bet everything on my writing career. This bold (some would argue stupid) decision has been the hardest of my life--straining relationships, our bank account, and my sanity. Yet, I wouldn't trade it for the world and no matter where this path leads (even if that path is to Thailand to live in a remote house for $5 a day--this is actually our backup plan when our lease is up in May!), I will never regret the decision I made to go after my calling and passion.
What have you had to give up to go after your dreams? What would you give up to pursue your calling and passion?
Don't forget, the $2.99 introductory price of Couple Friends ends Sunday, September 23 at midnight. And please leave a review on Amazon for any book you have ever loved. This is the #1 free, easy way to help make a book a success. Delight Three People Today AND Change a Life

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