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Detox Cleansing Foot Pads: How To Use Guide: Product Review

Posted on the 21 July 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Initially, I saw a video on Facebook about this product and got very curious about how true it was (especially it promises a stress-relieving factor which we'll all list down, the promises, later on below). So there is no better way to know more about it by trying it first-hand.

Detox cleansing foot pads

Detox cleansing pads on my feet

Surprisingly, this blog post is also connected to one of my previous blog posts which is actually a product review as well. It seems I value sleeping more than I initially thought of since I bought some humidifiers before as part of my sleeping therapy. Well, I knew these things go to your feet to detox or cleanse somehow, but I did not know that it is recommended to be used also when sleeping. So yeah, let us get to know more about this product and find out how credible these things really are.
They had a promo so I acquired 4 boxes (lol). Each box contains 10 detox pads - 2 per sachet, and 20 pcs. of sticker plasters. There are no recommendations really if you need to use 1 or 2 pcs. per night, but I always use 2 pcs. on both feet since I usually attach them after a sports night. As per the given information on the box, each pad contains these elements:
Essential components of the cleansing detox foot pads:
- Minus ion- Carapace- Vitamin C- Cornstarch- Bamboo Vinegar- Tourmaline- Plant powder- Wood Vinegar
And it promises the following effects after use:
1. Dispel toxins and maintain beauty2. Relax muscles and tendons & eliminate internal moisture3. Replenish vital essence and strengthening the kidney4. Shape and beautify body5. Promote sleeping and relieve fatigue6. Beautify foot and clear odour

The Kinoki cleansing foot pads (box)

The Kinoki cleansing foot pads (box)

The procedure of use is: (before sleeping)
1. Place the sticker plaster on the side of the pad where it is assigned
     - Do not open the pads where the elements are
     - The sticker plasters have covers, just carefully detach them
2. Simply place it under your foot - make sure it is comfortably placed
     - I usually place it in the middle part so in case I still need to stand, I won't step on it hard
     - Thus I recommend attaching them if you know you won't be getting out of the bed anymore
3. (On the morning after) Peel or detach them from your feet carefully
     - Avoid tearing apart the sticker plasters as its residues are hard to get
     - The black substance is sticky, so I suggest having wipes near you when you wake up
Here is the video for a better reference:

Did it work? Did the product deliver its promises? Now, as a first-hand user, here are my takes: (I will directly answer their list of deliverables one by one for easier reference)
1. Dispel toxins and maintain beauty - Dispels toxins not sure, maintain beauty? Not directly2. Relax muscles and tendons & eliminate internal moisture - Feeling based, yes, I think3. Replenish vital essence and strengthening the kidney - Not sure4. Shape and beautify body - Again, not directly I guess5. Promote sleeping and relieve fatigue - YES! (Due to mind-conditioning, still works then)6. Beautify foot and clear odor - Hmm.. Beautify foot? May be maintain, but for the odor, can be
Well, most of these benefits can only be answerable through clinical tests (if we are searching for a science-based explanation) which I won't be doing lol. So basically, all of my answers above are based on feelings and performance-wise, which is not a bad reference to deal with. I tried to search for some answers on the internet, but as of now, there is no actual proof or any test that proves they work as stated or do the detox process by using these pads.. But to be honest, my initial inclination is that it works - well, maybe not everything they promised, but it does give me something I really appreciate.
I use/attach them after a sports night and, usually, the morning after I feel kind of tired.. And on some days, I even have headaches. And now since the day I use these pads, I actually feel less or not tired at all (So yes, better sleep) and no headaches yet have come to me. Well, I know some of you will think that it can also be explained as your mind was conditioned to feel that.. So going back to the question if these things really work, does it not? For me, the end result is that it still helps.
I recently gave some of my friends these pads for them to try and the feedbacks are going strong that they actually do something better really in terms of sleep quality. Don't worry, I'll update this blog post once I receive anything interesting while more of them try. So as per now, this product got my thumbs up. They are quite affordable so trying them yourself won't do you any harm and as long as you can afford them. I consider such things as luxury items so don't prioritize buying them if you don't have extra money - a friendly reminder.

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