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DIY Refrigerator Magnets

Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal
DIY Refrigerator Magnets
DIY Refrigerator Magnets
While cleaning the kitchen today, I noticed that he those fridge magnets are in a really bad condition. Most of them were broken by constantly slipping down on the floor. Mending them again was not a good solution.
The better way was to make your own designed ones by removing the magnets from the old ones. So my  brother gave me this idea of iPhone icons but I wanted some nice quotes. We made both of them after printing them out. You can get the iPhone icons here and the quotes here.
DIY Refrigerator Magnets
I pasted both sheets on a cardboard and then cut them together to get a hard surface. I used a transparent masking tape to wrap on the cutouts to give them a glossy look plus a long-lasting protection. Finally I glued the magnets behind the cutouts using an all-purpose adhesive glue (recommendingUHU).

Tip: It was so hard for me to remove those magnets from the old ones using that flat-face screwdriver and it injured my finger. So it is better to place those magnets in a pot, fill it with water and let it to boil. When boiled, use a strainer to take out the magnets and use a butter knife to smoothly remove the magnets from them. They will come off very easily. :)
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