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DIY Vape Oil

Posted on the 26 July 2016 by Mskayle @MsKayle
Vape Oil DIY
First you need your base liquid
You need to first determine what mg of nicotine you want. There are lots of options...0, 3, 1.5, 6, 12, 18, & 36 are some examples. Once you pick your mg you need to determine if you want 100%vg, 70vg/30pg, 50vg/50pg, 30vg/70pg, or 100%pg. I got little bottles of 70v/30p, 50/50 and 30v/70p so I could determine what I like which is pretty much all of them. I'm still learning that one. I got 3 of the 60 ml to begin and made about 5 15ml bottles of vape juice out of each one. 
You can get your 15ml bottles from this site too
I got a pkg of 10 and I save my bottles for making more.
This site also has flavors that I haven't tried yet.
I do want to try vanilla custardbavarian creamsweet creamsweetener
to name a few. Lorann doesn't carry flavorings like that.
So now you need to get flavorings. 
You can get these little dram bottles at the grocery store in the baking isle sometimes. They come in packs of 2 of the same flavor. Really the flavor is not too expensive and I use drops per recipe. 
Now for some of my recipes. These are all 15ml and the D stands for drops. I got a glass dropper at Walmart but damned if I remember where. These are all tried and true.
Smoothe BabyChocolate 5dEnglish Toffee 5dVanilla Butternut 5dButterscotch 5dCaramel 5dAmaretto 10d
Hot ShotCoffee 5dVanilla Butternut 10dAmaretto 10d
Toffee CrunchVanilla Butternut 10dEnglish Toffee 10dButterscotch 10dChocolate 10d
WintermelonWatermelon 20dWintergreen 20d
Amaretto SunriseAmaretto 40dOrange 20dTangerine 20d
Cherry Vanilla SassSassafras 20dBlack Cherry 20dVanilla Butternut 20d
These are the ones I made today so haven't tried them yet...
Rootbeer FloatRootbeer 20dVanilla Butternut 20d
Mint Chocolate ChipPeppermint 20dChocolate 20d
So your new vape oils need to steep. That means they sit in a dark cupboard for a week and you shake them up each day at least once. I've waited as much as 2 weeks and as little as a couple of days. It tastes better if you wait at least a week. 
Make sure you keep track of your recipes so you know what you like in order to make again. On the other hand so you know what doesn't work. I'm still trying to figure out the clove thing. Clove is extremely strong and 5d is still too much. Mine are on recipe cards in a recipe box with my Aromatherapy recipes. It's just what I have found that works best for me.

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