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Do MBA Only If You Want to Get Fucked!!!

Posted on the 08 February 2015 by Mayearonkar
Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!

Thank god, after a loooog time I got  a proper Sunday to rest. Because after getting into a B-school only my friends who are in B-school can understand my situation.

Everyone started dreaming after graduation what next, and they end up getting into a B-school , because they know it is the only way to enter corporate world. 

Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!


I have observed that, when person makes mistake he gains experience, but when person makes lot of mistakes he chooses to be an MBA.

Irony is after getting into a B-school college says you will become great manger only if you have good decision making skill, my point is every human being is by default has this talent because we have all the solutions to the problem which is not ours, and our consultant mind says, "Me batata hu kya karna he". But when it comes to their own problem they are like , " fuck, man my life sucks..."

Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!


 Best part is most of the MBA students are trying to become "what they do not want to be", their minds are used to with mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch & dinner, working & sleeping, internet, mobile phones, social media, relationships, going here and there to be entertained , and when they enter into an mba course they are like "kuch life hi nai he".

If YOU enjoy your online time more than YOU do your offline time: ‘There’s something definitely wrong you are doing in real Life’.

Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!


Majority of the people join B-school, because they do not know " what else to do". It is great to go to B-school and get some fancy degree. But one thing which I have learned while being a good student (sarcasm) of life is ‘No job / college can teach you how to be awesome’. That is something you have to teach your own self. The best university is the ‘University of Life’. Develop a backbone. Not a mere wishbone. ‘Be a Chess player & not merely a Chess piece’.

Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!


Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!Also there is one more category, they chooses an MBA course just because someone said to have MBA degree. Going where everyone is going will give you the same results that everyone else is getting. We generally don’t realize this in our 20s because we are high on life. And when we do, in our 30s, it is slightly late!
Be that king of the jungle, who knows how to walk alone. Not because he has to (strong people find comfort in their own company) but because he enjoys doing it. There is no reason why you should feel even slightly stupid if you do not like what others pretend to love. There is this class of people who rightly adore Harry Porter or Soccer or Video Games. I swear, I have never related with any of them. But I also swear I have never felt ‘LESS’ because of this. People have different passions. You need to 1) Identify yours & 2) Follow it fully. Do not show off! You will waste a lot of energy in trying to live up to a reputation.I have just loved doing ‘what my heart says’ & ‘what v few people do’. Result: – I found much less traffic on the roads that I took. Less competition! I just tried to identify a unique path for myself and am fearlessly following it. Trust me- it is fun. Try it out.


Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!Yes. The moment puberty hits, it is like a floodgate that has been opened. But when you enter into MBA course you don't get time for all this and all those frustrated minds started getting panic, they want to stop but they don’t know how to do that.It is not my place to ask you to stop. Because I don’t take decisions for you. No one should. Sex is natural & fun because it helps us relieve our extra pent up energies. But if you are too much obsessed with it, either you have too much free time or you are eating too much.I always wonder how an obsession with sex will ever help people in their pursuit for love.Love is awesome. Love is good. It is one of the most important things – even in a stellar movie like interstellar. I’m sure it is very romantic when someone you just met (or haven’t met) flirts with you like you have known each other for years. But what after that? Flirting is dangerous as it begins on the base of lust and 9.9 times out of 10 — it will definitely lead to any of Love, complications, mischief, heartbreaks and even complete disarray of the present normal self. Really? Are people that stupid these days to believe that a person loves you without knowing you or they are that stupid to actually fall for someone without knowing them?It is OK if your friend has a love-sex life and you do not have. You could have a GOAL today and tomorrow thousands may love to chase you because of your ‘Awesomeness’(obviously MBA an amazing option). It doesn’t have to be like a hindi movie always. What I’m trying to say is — if you have it, great! Don’t center your life on it. If you don’t have it, don’t crib. Create a good life for yourself & it will come along!Some people spend their entire teenage in traffic jams of relationships. They just keep on falling in love with the next available item. Love is a beautifully expensive gift. No point giving it to someone who is cheap. Stop mentally finding & waiting for the right person & just become the right person yourself. & then the right person will automatically come.


Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever you want to do in life – start understanding money, before you start spending it. It is the machinery on which the world operates. and B-school is best place to understand that no matter how much you will earn your expenses will be always higher than your income.I see too many people spending on things they don’t need. This is to impress people who don’t matter. If your GF is moving from i-Phone 5 to i-Phone 6 just for half an inch – you need to be slightly worried.We get the equation wrong: It is not Savings = Income – Spending. It is Spending = Income – Saving.I am not asking anyone to be penny wise and pound foolish. I am just asking people in their MBA course  to start learning how to spend only on things that matter. Ask yourself: Do you really need to upgrade that damn phone every time? Spend on things that add to your real value. Not on things that merely add to your face value. Extravagance should never become the aftermath of richness. Trust me- you actually do not need a lot to be happy.


Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!I have seen voracious readers. They have a confidence that is not replicable by any other form of passion. They have perspectives which would otherwise come to you in your GDs and Business meetings. How would it be, if you get them better in your MBA course.Read. Because it makes you better equipped for your GDs & Business Meetings. These are the best years to become awesome in your communication skills. B-school experience is not an easy time. But it is also the prime of your entire ‘One Life’. Don’t let it go without making a mark. Have lot of fun but keep your main eye fixed at becoming ‘Awesome’! But unless YOU learn to make your mind obey you, you cannot become ‘Awesome’. Every day, every hour, perhaps every minute too you’ll need to kill your own desires in order to be who you need to be.

All that YOU will need is ‘Self Discipline’ for an awesomely inspired life. That’s it! Regularly spend time with your own-self to realize how you can pour your talent & creativity into the world. The world is waiting for you.Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!
Do MBA only if you want to get fucked!!!

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