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Do Not Seek to Have Events Happen as You Want Them To, but Instead Want Them to Happen as They Do Happen, and Your Life Will Go Well.- Epictetus

Posted on the 08 January 2013 by Celestialfactory @celestial_flow
For Channer and babs my best friends for life.
Sometime in January 2012, babs and I randomly ran into Skream and Benga, while calling for a cab home from a hotel reception, they were staying at. Channer being their huge fan was not a part of this random occurrence. So, naturally he was was quite upset. ( Channer just to take a piss at you once more).
But since he is entitled to a lot of good karma, a few months back he got to meet Skrillex , who he appreciates more.And all was good with the world again.
Image skream and benga. skrillex.

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