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Do What You Enjoy?

Posted on the 16 May 2022 by C. Suresh
The world of memes beats me really. Including, of course, the wonder and appreciation they seem to invariably invoke despite the fact that what they say are banal AND that, even when they are true, they are not the whole truth!
That's the reason why the 'wisdom' of the memes very seldom seem to be useful to people in real life. The surge of energy and enthusiasm which pushes you on day 1, peters out almost before the sun sets on that day. Because wisdom is not readily acquired in convenient bite-sized (or is it byte-sized these days?) mouthfuls of chocolate-coated words.
I mean, take this 'Do what you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life'. Seems apparent, does it not? If you love what you are doing, then doing it does not seem like work, will it? Nice, easy, simple and so stupid that people do not adopt such a easy route to happiness!
You LOVE cricket? Nice! And you are going to do it and not work a day of your life? Great! Love the idea of getting up almost before the sun and practicing in the nets? Fielding practice - does that seem like work or play? A couple of hours at the gym every goddamn day-your idea of joy? Cannot gorge on your favorite biryani when you please, that's just what you were looking forward to in life? Going out of form, bowlers finding a f exploiting your weaknesses, reengineering yourself by diligent practice to iron them out...that's has you singing and dancing all day? And...
Love being an actor? How about starving yourself and working out to get those six-packs? About dancing in summer clothing when the weather is freezing? How about having to act joyous and bubbly when you have a fever?
And, please note, I have not even talked about all that you may need to do otherwise to GET to be a cricketer or an actor...and STAY one! Like having to stay polite to trolls, for example!
Nothing, but nothing, in life is FULLY enjoyable! Success in ANY area comes only when you are willing to do those portions which you do not like - with the same dedication - as those portions which you DO like! This STUPID idea that you will 'not have to work a single day in your life' is the biggest stumbling block to success. Unless you can make yourself LIKE what you originally did not!
For every successful man in any area there are a hundred who, with the same or more talent, failed. Misfortune may well be the reason why the others failed...including the misfortune of having believed that they 'ought to' enjoy every day of their life and, therefore, refusing to do what they did not like but which was necessary to do in pursuit of success in what they did love to do!
Yup, it's a joy to work in and area which excites you. To expect EVERYTHING you need to do in the process to be fun...THAT is stupidity.

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